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Avoid these teeth staining foods


5 Foods that stain your teeth

Can’t start your day without coffee? Love to sip on cola? Or celebrate with a glass of red wine? If you are guilty of all these things, you are doing your teeth a disservice. All these foods stain your teeth and make them dull. Over time, your teeth will lose their natural whiteness of the teeth.

So, what do you do? Read on to know more.

First things first, what causes tooth stains?

Certain foods and drinks contain chemical compounds which give them their strong colour. These compounds and pigments are what stain our teeth. If any food contains a substance called tannin, your teeth are more likely to be stained. (Coffee, tea, and wine – we are looking at you!)

These foods contain acids that wear down the teeth enamel, which increases the chances of stains setting in. The thumb rule is, if something can stain your clothes, there is a very high chance it will stain your teeth.

5 Common Teeth-Staining Foods to Avoid

If you want to maintain your teeth’s natural shade of white, avoid the following foods that can stain your teeth.

1. Tea & Coffee

Sigh. The very first food on the list is a bummer to see. Some of us can’t start our day without having a hot cuppa tea or coffee but they both contain tannins, which are responsible for staining.

2. Cola Drinks

Colas get their distinct dark colour due to certain pigments which stain the teeth. Plus, the acid in the drink make it that much faster to wear down the enamel. Considering the health side effects colas are known for, it is better to cut them off. If not, use a straw to drink so that the drink doesn’t come in contact with your teeth.

3. Red Wine

Before you feel more upset, we’ll tell you right now that it’s perfectly fine to enjoy an occasional glass of wine. Yes, you can celebrate with your favourite drink. But, stick to a limit and rinse your mouth immediately to avoid permanent teeth staining.

4. Berries

Berries are yummy and make a delicious snack. We agree with 100%. Despite their health benefits, these are huge culprits of teeth staining.

5. Sauces

These include soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, tomato-based sauces and curries. They make perfect ingredients to boost the flavour of a dish but unfortunately, they stain the teeth. As soon as you eat, try to brush your teeth.

Do you see some of your food favourites making the list? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give them up completely. Limit their consumption and try to rinse your mouth immediately after having those.

Do I have any other choice?

Yes, you do! You can order a professional at-home teeth whitening kit to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. All you have to do it, put the gel on the whitening tray, pop it in your mouth and relax for 30 mins. Repeat for a few sessions and you can get teeth that’s 9 shades lighter.

Order your toothsi spark kit from toothsi shop today!

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