Food for strong teeth: Are Pro-biotic Foods Good For Dental Health?

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Probiotic foods are foods that contain good bacteria like yeast which are popularly known to provide several health benefits for our bodies. Probiotics, when consumed regularly can positively impact our digestive system, gut health, immune system and more. But are probiotic foods also considered tooth-healthy foods?

In this article, we will explore probiotic foods and their effects on our health, with a focus on food for strong teeth.

What are probiotic foods?

Foods that contain live microorganisms like yeast which are good for our stomach are called probiotic foods. Typically, probiotic foods are made with fermentation processes and every culture around the world tends to have a few probiotic foods in their kitty. Some examples of widely consumed probiotic food items are yoghurt, Kimchi, Kombucha, pickles, Miso, Kefir and more.

These foods are known to balance the microbial content in our bodies and hamper the growth of harmful bacteria in our bodies. This is how they help in boosting our natural immune system too.

Is Probiotic Food Important For Oral Health?

We all know that our mouth, at any given point in time, contains thousands of bacteria. This bacteria in our mouth is a mix of both good and bad bacteria. When the bad bacteria overpower the good bacteria in numbers, it leads to a host of dental issues like plaque, tartar build-up and cavities or tooth decay.

Probiotic food helps prevent this in a few different ways.

1. It diminishes the number of bad bacteria in the mouth

As mentioned above, probiotic foods ensure that there is a balance in the microbial environment in your body which means that these foods inhibit the presence of bad bacteria, making your oral cavity teeming with good bacteria.

2. Positively affects gums

Some studies have noted the positive reaction of probiotic drinks and foods on gum health. These foods reduce inflammation, boost immune health and help prevent periodontal disease.

3. Fights bad breath

Since the main cause of bad breath is an imbalance of oral bacteria, the consumption of probiotic foods or drinks maintains this balance and curbs bad breath. In fact, some probiotics may even cause fresher breath!

Tips on choosing probiotic foods for better oral health

While we agree that all probiotic foods and drinks are great for our oral health, here are some important points to remember when you are choosing your probiotics.

  • Always look out for live and active cultures when buying yoghurt and other foods. Typically such products do come with labels so you can always check them and buy products with active cultures.
  • Just as different food items are important in a balanced meal as they impart different nutrients and health benefits, similarly choosing to consume a mixed variety of probiotics can help in getting the best of all of them. So don’t just stick to one and try to consume at least 2-3 different probiotic foods regularly to boost your oral health and overall health.
  • We all know that excessive sugar is bad for our teeth. When sugar interacts with certain bacteria in our mouths, it can produce plaque and result in tooth decay too. So always ensure that you buy probiotic foods and drinks with a low to zero sugar content to keep your teeth safe and healthy.

To conclude, if you are looking for food for healthy teeth and gums, choose probiotic foods and drinks. These contain good bacteria that not only improve gut health, boost immunity and help with IBS, it also maintains your oral health by ensuring a bacterial balance in the microbial environment of your mouth. It also prevents bad breath, helps fight gum disease and reduces the risk of plaque, tartar, and tooth decay. To know more details about dental health & oral-care products, visit makeO toothsi today!


Can probiotics improve oral health?

Yes, probiotics ensure a bacterial balance in the microbial environment of your mouth. They also prevent bad breath, fight gum disease or periodontal disease and decrease the risk of plaque, tartar, and tooth decay.

What is the role of probiotics in oral health?

Probiotics, known to be good for your digestive system, are actually also good for your oral health. Probiotics maintain a balance of bacteria in the mouth, prevent the entry of bad bacteria and this boosts dental health and reduces the risk of bad breath, periodontal disease, plaque, and tooth decay.

What are the 3 health benefits of probiotics?

  • Fights bad breath and promotes fresher breath
  • Prevents periodontal disease or gum disease by reducing inflammation in the gums
  • Maintains a bacterial balance and stops the entry of bad bacteria

What foods are rich in probiotics?

Yoghurt, Tempeh, Kimchi, Kombucha, Kefir, and pickles etc are foods rich in probiotics.

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