5 ways smiling can benefit your health


A smile has many social benefits. You can make friends quickly, people will perceive you as trustworthy, and you will seem more attractive. But if we dig a little deeper, we will find that there are many health benefits of smiling.

The following are the health benefits of smiling:

·       Lowers blood pressure

·       Boosts immune system

·       Improves mood

·       Relieves pain

·       Prolongs life

Smiling Benefit 1: Lowers Blood Pressure

Smiling and laughing is good for health

Heart health is important. Period. The easiest thing you can do to take care of your heart is smile. That’s true. Smiling and laughing lowers your blood pressure. Who knew!

The act of laughing leads to an initial increase in heart rate and oxygen consumption. This is followed by a period of muscle relaxation, decreased heart rate, and lower blood pressure. This helps in reducing the risk of you developing heart disease.

So, keep that smile on. Your heart will thank you.

Smiling Benefit 2: Boosts Immune System 

Benefits of smiling for your immune system.jpg

Laughing does wonders for your immune system. Your laughter and positive thoughts release immune cells that fights stress and illnesses. A smile also increases infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to illnesses.

Well, they don’t say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ for nothing.

Smiling Benefit 3:  Improves Mood

Smiling improves mood.jpg

The next time you are feeling blue, try and smile once. We agree, it may be the last thing you want to do, but it will work in your favour.

Why? Well, because smiling releases endorphins which help in making you feel happier and more positive. Even the act of smiling tricks your brain into releasing endorphins. It can significantly improve your mood.

Smiling will surely lift your spirits and turn a bad day into a good one. Another great reason to smile right.

Smiling Benefit 4: Relieves Pain

Smiling releives pain.jpg

What if we told you that smiling will help you relieve body aches? Crazy right? But it is true.

Smiling causes the body to release its own painkillers and social laughter increases your pain threshold and gives you a higher pain tolerance. Getting a good laugh will literally put your pain at bay.

If you are injured, suffer from a chronic disease or feeling some pain in your body, pull some out funny movies or series and get a good laugh. Buy a ticket to a comedy show or hang out with people who make you laugh.

While the pain may not completely vanish, it will alleviate a bit for sure.

Smiling Benefit 5: Prolongs Life

Smiling prolongs life.jpg

Well, it turns out that people who smiled and laughed more often lived longer. People may try to find elixirs of life or secrets to living longer when all the while the answer was right under our nose – a smile.

BONUS: Smiling is infectious

Smiling affects the people around you as well. Research has shown that smiling creates a ripple effect for people around you i.e. if you smile there is a good chance that others will smile as well and vice versa. As per a Swedish study, we have a natural tendency to smile back if someone else smiles at you. You may have noticed your grin when a baby smiles at you. It is also a sign of trust and productivity and is a workplace hack. You can read about the benefits of smiling at the workplace as well. 

Research says that an average child smiles an average 400 times a day compared to an adult who smiles only about 20 times a day. Smiling is good for health and it will keep you healthy in more ways than one. If you are feeling stressed, sad or low, take a break and smile. You will start feeling better in no time.

If you are looking for a smile makeover, book a session with us or get a free smile assessment done.

Keep smiling.



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