5 Dental Myths You Should Know!


Did you know that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), oral health is one of the primary indicators of your overall well-being and quality of life? However, in your quest to find that ultimate oral health regimen, you will definitely encounter some. While these myths are fascinating to hear, they are also not scientific facts.

Let’s take a look at some of these dental myths and let us bust them for you!

5 Dental Myths Busted!

Consuming Sugar Will Lead to Tooth Decay

One of the most common dental myths, sugar is made out to be a villain for no good. Yes, consuming too much sugar might lead to health issues. However, when it comes to oral health, you cannot get cavities by just eating sugary food. Tooth decay from sugar can happen when it stays in your mouth for a long time. Moreover, sugar does not contribute to the formation of cavities. It is the bacteria that thrive on poor sugar’s existence in your mouth to form cavities. Well, now you see? Sugar is not as evil as it is made out to be. However, it is important to note that you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating sticky, sugary food, especially if you are wearing braces or aligners.

If I have Minor Tooth Pain, There Is No Need To Visit The Dentist

Well, we are all doctors when it comes to tooth pain, aren’t we? “It’s just a minor pain, it’ll go away!” How many times have you said this to yourself thinking if it’s only an emergency then you will visit your dentist? Dental pain is no joke. When it comes to dental health, prevention is always better than cure. You do not want to get tooth decay, gingivitis, gum issues and other diseases just because you delayed going to the dentist. Regular checkups and care are important for your dental health.

If the Pain Subsides Then You Do Not Need Root Canal Treatment

This is one of the most common myths about root canal treatment. Let's see it this way. Your tooth was sensitive to hot or cold food. The dentist detected the issue and recommended a root canal. Suddenly there is no shooting pain and you can eat with ease. Time to be happy? No. When you suddenly feel no pain, this means that it's a dead tooth. While it may fall off on its own, it's risky to let your dental health reach this stage. An infected tooth can lead to complications in your overall health. Hence, get off that couch and complete your root canal treatment.

Sugar-Free Sodas Are A Healthier Option For Your Tooth

Not everything with a ‘sugar-free’ tag is good for you. Sodas in general, whether sugar-free or not, are harmful for your teeth. You ask why? Well, the acid level in sodas can damage your tooth enamel. They also include carbohydrates which can then lead to plaque build-up. Do you still think sugar-free sodas are worth the hype? Alas, you’ll have to eat that plate of Pav Bhaji sans the soda if you love your teeth (laughs in evil). On a serious note, oral health should be an important part of your overall well-being. And the best way to achieve this is to avoid acidic foods such as sodas and use the right kind of teeth-cleaning products such as floss and electric toothbrushes.

Wisdom Teeth Are Meant To Be Removed

Of all the wisdom teeth myths, this one is the most common. Not every wisdom tooth needs to be removed. For a lot of people, wisdom teeth do not cause any issues. However, if yours is acting up then it's about time you drop a visit to your dentist.

Now that you know that myths about teeth and oral health stem from misinformation, it is vital that you visit your dentist regularly and stay up to date about your oral health. Moreover, oral health issues can also spring up if you have teeth issues such as crooked teeth, cross bites, deep bites, teeth gaps etc. At makeO toothsi, we have one of the most technologically advanced and orthodontist-backed clear aligners that help you treat a variety of teeth concerns. These invisible aligners are transparent trays and hence are completely discreet. If you are looking for a convenient teeth straightening treatment at affordable rates, then makeO toothsi is your best bet. Our treatments start at ₹3,219/month on EMI. Check out our range of aligners and teeth-cleaning products.

FAQs on myths about teeth

Does sugar actually cause cavities?

Sugar can cause oral health issues only if you do not maintain good oral hygiene. Sugar does not directly contribute to cavities. The bacteria in your mouth thrive on sugar to form cavities. This means that even if you consume foods with sugar, it is important to brush or rinse your mouth thoroughly.

How to know if your tooth pain is something serious?

If you have a toothache with other symptoms such as earache, fever, pain while opening your mouth and if it lasts for more than a day or two, then you should visit your dentist.

Can you drink soda and have healthy teeth?

No matter if your soda is regular or sugar-free, it can break down the enamel of your teeth. Even with regular brushing and flossing, consuming soda is harmful for your dental health.

Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

If your wisdom tooth is not impacted or acting up, then there is no need to remove it. However, if it's causing dental concerns then you need to visit your dentist.

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