7 Teeth Friendly Habits to Save on Aligners’ Cost

How to save on  teeth aligners cost

So, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt that your smile lacks that zing and spark? Do you think your teeth have become yellow overtime? Well, you need not fret.But, hey, it goes without saying that having clean, white teeth does affect your confidence, especially in today’s modern world that loves taking selfies.

Imagine a close-up picture with your squad, where you’re laughing with your not-so-white teeth. A trail of comments shower upon you to make things worse.But, makeO toothsi is always here to save you from this embarrassment. If your pearly whites have been discoloured and are home to a range of issues including misaligned teeth, clear aligners work like magic for crooked teeth.

Additionally, we have listed some healthy oral hygiene habits to follow so that along with your teeth straightening treatment, your teeth learn to shine and sparkle as well. That’s the magic of makeO toothsi’s clear aligners. Whether you want to know more about types of invisible braces and cost or anything about teeth aligners, makeO toothsi is your one stop destination for your oral care.

So, let makeO toothsi take over the responsibility of straightening your teeth at economical cost.

Smart Ways to Reduce Your Aligners Cost

There are several smart ways in which you can get away with paying the full amount for a pair of clear aligners and instead pay only a discounted rate. Wondering how? Read along as we tell you more about the average cost of braces and how to reduce braces cost in 2023.

1. Choose an In-Office Financing Plan

Worried you don’t have enough money to finance your entire treatment cost? You can now choose an in-office financing plan that will allow you to pay for your dental treatments at low monthly payments and the best part is that most of the time you will not be charged an added interest on the principal amount.

2. Check to see if Your Dental Insurance Covers Orthodontic Treatment

It is important that before you go ahead and select a teeth straightening treatment, you check with your insurance company if it covers orthodontist treatment. Generally, teeth aligners that come under cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance companies. However, if your insurance does cover it then make sure that you do your homework and follow all the procedures required for you to follow to get your aligners covered.

3. Take Advantage of Discounts if You Qualify

How to find ‘cheap braces near me, or aligners near me’ is a common dilemma that most people want a solution to. We will tell you one of the best ways to find the lowest price for aligners. Keep checking for discounts on makeO toothsi’s website so that you can save up significantly to get your teeth straightening treatment done.

So what hampers the whiteness of your teeth during conventional metal braces treatment? Usually, these are the teeth-staining food items and drinks, like blackberries, blueberries, too much coffee/tea, red wine, and more that get stuck on the wires and become difficult to floss or brush. We understand it might be difficult to live without such essentials, and the reason why makeO toothsi’s transparent and easily removable aligners help you escape such problems of teeth yellowing and decay.

By choosing clear aligners in your smile makeover journey, the task of maintaining the whiteness of your teeth is much easier as compared to metal braces. You can simply take off your aligners, brush and floss without any hindrance and wear them back.

Let’s take a look at some good oral hygiene practices one should follow alongside your smile makeover journey with clear aligners.

4. Brush Your Teeth Regularly

We’ve been told from a young age; it is vital to brush our teeth properly and regularly. So, why stop that during your smile makeover journey with clear aligners? Especially when it is super easy to brush and floss your teeth and maintain their whiteness. All you need to do is: Remove.Brush.Wear.Repeat.

5. Have food products that are known as Stain fighters

So, here’s something interesting, are you aware of nature’s toothbrushes available in the form of fruits and vegetables? These fruits and veggies are carrots, pears and apples. They boost saliva production in your mouth and scrub your teeth’s surface as you chew, making a perfect solution for keeping up with your teeth’s whiteness and health.

6. Keep away from tobacco products

It is anyway good to avoid tobacco products, and teeth whitening is the added advantage of avoiding them. If you consume tobacco products during your smile makeover journey with clear aligners, it will affect the whiteness of your teeth and the transparency of your aligners besides other dreadful effects.

7. Purchase makeO toothsi's teeth whitening kit

Want to take good care of your makeO toothsi clear aligners? Bring home makeO toothsi’s teeth whitening kit and get pearly white teeth from the comfort of your home.

Can I Get Aligners at a Reasonable Cost?

Searching for low cost aligners near you? With makeO toothsi, you can be worry-free about each and everything during your smile makeover journey, right from aligners’ cost to straightening and whitening your teeth with the above-mentioned useful tips. At makeO toothsi, we understand that such expenses might disturb your monthly budget and make you cut down your expenses by missing out on things like partying with your friends.

Well, we can’t let that happen to you, so we offer economical aligners cost in India along with exceptional services such as video consultation with our expert orthodontists, at-home teeth impression kits to kick-start your teeth straightening journey with easy DIY mould impressions and at-home 3D scans by makeO toothsi pros. We also have partner clinics across 13 cities, making your teeth straightening journey affordable, convenient, and smooth.Make the first move by booking your consultation.


1. Are aligners cheaper than teeth braces cost?

makeO toothsi aligners are cheaper than most other teeth straightening options available in the market today. They offer easy-to-pay EMI options starting from Rs 3019 which makes them even more affordable.

2. Are aligners better than traditional braces?

Aligners are any day more convenient and fuss-free than traditional braces. The best part is that today you can invest in clear aligners which are invisible and will help you fix your orthodontic problems without having to wear ugly braces.

3. Are aligners painful?

You might feel tenderness or slight pressure at the beginning of your treatment but overall aligners are far less painful than traditional metal braces.

4. Are there any food restrictions while you use aligners?

No, unlike in the case of traditional braces, there are no food restrictions when you use clear aligners. Just make sure that you remove your clear aligners before all your meals and when you are snacking for safety measures.

5. Do I wear my aligners to bed?

Ideally, you should wear clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day for the best results. You can wear clear aligners to bed if you want. Otherwise, you can remove them before you retire to bed and wear them throughout the day.

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