Unwrap Joy: makeO's 5 Gift Experiences for a Luxurious Christmas 2023!

Christmas gifting ideas for friends

'Tis the Season of Gifting

Ho Ho Ho Christmas 2023 is almost here! It is time to indulge in the succulent festive special sweets, take time off work and spend time with our loved ones. While you enjoy leisure time with friends and family, let us inform you how you can make this festive season even more special for them. This Christmas, surprise your loved ones with the most enriching experiences from makeO.

makeO is India’s fastest-growing clinical beauty platform that can help you pack the finest pampering sessions for the health and overall well-being of your loved ones. Let us have a look at what makeO has to offer this festive season to make your Christmas 2023 gifts more special than ever!

5 Ultra-pampering Christmas gift ideas to explore:

1. Book a makeO skinnsi facial for that special girl in your life:

Show some love to the women in your life by gifting them an ultra-pampering self-care session with makeO. makeO offers some of the finest advanced facial treatments customisable for all skin types and requirements. Here’s a quick overview of how these facials by makeO skinnsi can give the women in your life a perfect break from their routine and invest some time in themselves.

Derma Facial:

If you know her skin type, our dermafacial has dermatologist-curated packages that are performed by trained professionals at home. The packages are

Oil control facial: It reduces excess grease and gunk for an oil-free glow.

Instant glow facial: No more tired or dull skin with this glow booster.

Ultra-hydrating facial: Just the facial you need to make your skin soft and supple!

Anti-ageing facial: It’ll reduce premature fine lines and help you look younger.


Not sure of her skin type? Go for our extra-personalised hydrafacial session. Our dermatologists will virtually assess her skin via a video call before suggesting a suitable facial for her skin.

One of the best presents for Xmas for a girlfriend too, booking a facial is super easy!

How to book makeO skinnsi facial?

Visit the makeO website or download the makeO app.

  • Pick a solution from the derma facial or hydra-facial page.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Let our experts take over from there.
  • Book your facial appointment here.

2. Gift a smooth skin experience with Laser Hair Reduction service for him:

Nobody eagerly waits for their painful salon waxing sessions to get rid of unwanted body hair. This Christmas, you can introduce the men in your life to a life-changing hair removal experience with makeO skinnsi. The laser hair reduction service gives them the joy of having smooth skin without the pain or discomfort of waxing and shaving.

makeO skinnsi's Laser Hair Reduction is backed by dermatologists and advanced technology. To make the entire experience unforgettable, we use the icy-cool Quadruple wavelength technology that targets finer hair without heating your skin.

So if you are looking for the best Christmas gift for the men in your life, this could be it!

3. Give them a reason to smile with our teeth whitening kit:

It’s one of the best presents for Xmas ideas to literally make your loved ones smile more. Our teeth whitening kit is easy to use anywhere, anytime (especially at home) for a camera-ready smile.

The best takeaways from our teeth whitening kit are:

  • 5 shades whiter teeth
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Blue-led technology (to reduce stubborn yellow stains)
  • It’s FDA-approved, RoHs-certified, CPSR-certified, and CE-certified.

So let your search for the best presents for Xmas for a boyfriend or girlfriend end now!

Buy your makeO toothsi teeth whitening kit here.

4. Show them you care with our oral care goodies:

Don’t just say you care, show them. Our oral care goodies are a great way to tell your loved ones how much you care about their smile. Our exclusive Christmas 2023 oral care goodies include:

- makeO toothsi electro:

makeO offers a range of electric toothbrushes that you can now browse through and pick as per your needs and preferences. From features to design, you will find a variation in our electric toothbrushes that are sure to elevate your brushing experience. Here’s a quick overview of what our electric toothbrushes do.

- toothsi electro i5 smart electric toothbrush

  • It has soft bristles and provides up to 5X plaque reduction
  • It provides up to 22000 strokes/mins
  • It comes with IPX6 waterproof technology
  • Has 3 colour options- Black, Blue and Red

- toothsi electro i6 smart electric toothbrush

  • It comes with 3 modes- Regular Soft and Massage
  • It provides up to 43000 strokes/mins
  • It comes with IPX7 waterproof technology
  • Has 3 colour options- Rose Pink, Aquatic Blue and Charcoal Black

Other products that you can check out

You can also gift your loved ones a combination of makeO toothsi’s products. Here are a few gifting combos that not only make excellent gifts but also pack a lot of goodness under a budget.

- Our Smile Care Combos:

1. BrightSmile Combo

  • toothsi spark teeth whitening pen 2nd gen : 3 Units
  • toothsi electro i6 smart electric toothbrush - Rose Pink: 1 Unit
  • Toothsi Tooth Brightening Gel with Vitamin C Sphere: 1 Unit

2. ShinePro Combo

  • toothsi spark | teeth whitening pen ( 2nd gen )
  • Toothsi Tooth Brightening Gel with Vitamin C Sphere
  • toothsi electro i6 smart electric toothbrush

3. SmileCare Combo

  • toothsi spark | teeth whitening kit ( 2nd gen )
  • Toothsi Tooth Brightening Gel with Vitamin C Sphere
  • toothsi electro i6 smart electric toothbrush - charcoal black

Teeth whitening pen:

Since you know all about the teeth whitening kit, we’ll tell you about our teeth whitening pen— toothsi spark. Easy to fit in your pockets, you need only 30 seconds to 1 minute to get that pearly white smile!

The best takeaway from makeO toothsi spark:

  • Safe for your teeth (peroxide-free)
  • Easy to carry and hassle-free
  • Unique PAP technology for immediate results

Get your oral care goodies here.

5. Get set pamper with our skincare essentials:

This one's for you! Because you deserve a Christmas gift too. With everyday stress taking a toll on your skin, indulge in the ultra-pampering goodness of makeO skinnsi’s products this holiday season.

P.S. - This is also one of the best Christmas gifts for a girlfriend!

Some of our best-selling products are:

1. happy hydrate ceramide face moisturiser: Suitable for all skin types, it contains shea butter, squalene, and petrolatum to make your skin feel soft, fresh, smooth and supple.

2. be bright aha bha exfoliating peel: Get rid of dead skin, unclog pores, and reduce excess oiliness and dark spots with this refreshing peel. It contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, and lactic acid to gently exfoliate and reveal your naturally glowing skin.

3. acne away foaming face wash: Tired of acne ruining your plans? Our anti-acne face wash is all you need! With salicylic acid, mandelic acid, and niacinamide, it gently exfoliates to scrub away dead skin, control oiliness, lighten spots and of course, reduce acne!

4. acne away perfecting toner: Want to get rid of excess oil? Bask in the antioxidant-rich blend of this toner. Enriched with glucono delta lactone, aloe vera, and salicylic acid, it hydrates and exfoliates gently to control oiliness and shrink pores at the same time!

5. acne away potent serum: Not just face wash, our serum is anti-acne too! With a blend of glycolic acid, niacinamide, salicylic acid, and retinol, it refines your skin’s texture, evens out skin, and takes care of pimples and acne too.

Get your makeO skinnsi skincare essentials here.

There you go! Those are some of the best Secret Santa gift ideas and Christmas offers for you!

Make Christmas 2023 the best experience for your loved ones. With these Christmas gift ideas, we bet they won’t stop talking for months about how much you made it special for them. Now while you browse and shop to be the best secret Santa, we’ll go help Santa’s elves to make these experiences more special this holiday season.

Here’s wishing Merry Christmas to all of you! -From team makeO.

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