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what Is an underbite and how to treat it?

the underbite is a type of teeth misalignment where the lower set of teeth covers the upper teeth. this condition gives a bull-dog- like appearance. milder underbite cases can go unnoticed but severe cases can cause more than just aesthetic issues! when left untreated, underbite teeth can result in several oral health issues too.

underbite symptoms

1. pain and discomfort while eating and speaking

one of the earliest symptoms of an underbite is that you will experience unusual pain and discomfort while eating and speaking.

2. tooth decay from underbites can cause pain as well

if neglected for a long time, an underbite can lead to tooth decay which will in turn cause you immense pain.

3. chewing becomes difficult

another common symptom associated with an underbite is difficulty in chewing and swallowing your food properly.

4. speech issues

you might experience speech issues if you suffer from an underbite as you might face difficulty in moving the mouth the right way to create sounds.

why do you need to correct an underbite?

difficulty in eating or chewing or swallowing

an underbite is not just a cosmetic concern but it can also hamper simple activities like chewing, eating or swallowing.

speech impairments

an underbite can cause lisping and make it difficult for a person to pronounce certain letters.

underbite causes

while most underbite cases crop up naturally due to genetics, there are some other childhood habits that can also cause underbites to occur like

1. thumb sucking

thumb sucking can cause an underbite because your mouth is not meant to stay half-open for an extended period of time

2. excessive use of a pacifier

if you overuse the pacifier with your toddler then it can lead to his or her teeth shifting abnormally forward.

3. overusing feeding bottles

just like in the case of a pacifier, if your kid ends up overusing bottles for milk, then it can also lead to a case of an underbite.

4. exerting pressure or pushing lower teeth with the tongue

this is commonly referred to as tongue thrusting and occurs normally while your baby breastfeeds or your toddler bottle feeds. In this, the toddler pushes his or her teeth against the teeth and over time it can lead to an underbite.

underbites can also occur through injury and tumours too.

how to treat underbite?

an underbite correction can help not just aesthetically correct your jaw and your face but also in preventing oral issues like tooth decay and gum disease. other advantages of undergoing an underbite treatment are avoiding pain and discomfort while chewing and eating and putting a stop to any speech issues too.

there are a few ways to go about an underbite correction.

braces or aligner treatment

with braces or clear aligners, your underbite can be permanently fixed and your teeth can go to their rightful position. this will enhance your smile, change the structure of your jaw and make your teeth easier to clean too.

with makeO toothsi aligners, you can fix your underbite teeth from the comfort of your own home! we offer unique at-home services which include our toothsi pros coming to your doorstep for a 3D scan, our experts sending their virtual makeOver plan for you and lastly, your custom-made, toothsi aligners delivered to your home. our experts ensure to guide you and mark your process regularly so that you have a comfortable and pleasant experience. with high-quality, USFDA clear aligners like ours, you can fix your underbite without a worry! Interested in learning more? Book your 3D scan today!

jaw surgery

jaw surgery or surgical realignment of your lower jaw is another way of underbite treatment. the jawbone is treated with several tools and instruments such as wires, screws etc to be reshaped and realigned to the upper jaw. such a surgery as an underbite correction comes with certain risks. It may also take a while to recover from such a procedure.

how much does corrective treatment cost?

if you choose braces or aligners for your underbite correction, it can cost you anywhere between Rs. 20,000 to Rs.1 lakh. With makeO toothsi, you can achieve a beautiful smile at Rs. 60,000-Rs.80,000. We also offer affordable EMI options for aligners cost starting at Rs. 3394/month for those in a pinch!

and for those who wish to choose jaw surgery as their preferred underbite treatment, it can cost you Rs.50,000 to 3 lakhs to undergo surgery. the final cost will depend upon the severity of the case and the hospital you choose.

before - after

Disclaimer: do try these selfies at home.


is an underbite bad?

not treating an underbite at the right time can have serious dental and oral consequences in the long run. It can trigger mouth breathing, bad breath, sleep apnea, or even temporomandibular joint disorder (TJD).

at what age should you correct an underbite?

ideally, underbites should be corrected in early childhood (7 to 10 years) as the teeth and jaw areas are not fully developed. however, underbites in adults can also be corrected under the supervision of an orthodontist.

what are the causes of underbite?

an underbite is mostly hereditary. However, early childhood habits such as thumb or pacifier-sucking and tongue-thrusting can also result in an underbite.

how long does it take for underbite correction?

underbite correction can take up to 1 or 2 years, or as suggested by your orthodontist after examining the severity of your misalignment.

what problems does underbite give?

an underbite can cause several dental, oral, and aesthetic concerns if not treated in early childhood. It can trigger bad breath, mouth breathing, speech issues, tooth decay, difficulties while chewing and biting, snoring, and more.

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