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what is an overbite and how to treat it?

overbite occurs when the upper teeth stick out far beyond the lower teeth. often known as buck teeth, this teeth misalignment type results in the front upper teeth protruding out unnaturally.

overbite symptoms

the most obvious symptom is when you notice your front teeth protruding outwards. some other overbite teeth symptoms include:

1. difficulty in fully opening and closing the mouth

an overbite might create problems for you to open or close your mouth completely. this is because your teeth are not able to align correctly because of your overbite.

2. discomfort and pain while eating and chewing

one of the most common symptoms of an overbite is experiencing unusual discomfort while chewing or eating your food.

3. speech difficulties

an overbite can obstruct your tongue from touching the right spot in your mouth to create certain sounds. this can cause lisping, whistling and other speech issues.

4. jaw pain

chronic jaw pain is one of the most common symptoms which may indicate that you suffer from a case of overbite.

why do you need to correct an overbite?

you might think that a few front teeth overlapping the lower teeth might be a harmless issue, however, it is not. overbite corrections are important because if not treated correctly and overbite can result in

  • difficulty in chewing
  • breathing issues
  • speech issues
  • jaw pain
  • gum disease
  • tooth decay
  • cavities

overbite causes

overbites can be a genetic trait and many people suffering from overbite teeth may just have it because of hereditary. however, some other causes of overbite teeth can be habits like

1. excessive usage of a pacifier

excessive use of a pacifier can cause your kid’s teeth to shift abnormally forward and lead to an overbite.

2. thumb-sucking

when kids suck their thumbs, their mouth remains half open for an extended period of time and this can lead to an overbite.

3. nail biting

if you frequently bite your nails or bite on hard objects, then it can over time lead to a case of overbite.

4. pushing the front teeth ahead with the tongue

this is called tongue thrusting. In this, your kid might develop an unusual habit of pushing his or her teeth against the teeth while it is at rest. eventually, this can lead to an overbite.

5. grinding teeth

just like tongue thrusting, teeth grinding too can lead to an overbite. if your kid has the habit of grinding his or her teeth while sleeping or being awake, it can over time lead to an overbite.

how to treat overbites?

1. expanders or modification devices

as children face an overbite, growth modification devices or expanders can be used to correct the teeth' position as the child grows.

2. teeth removal

by removing some baby teeth or growing teeth, orthodontists can create enough space for the upper front teeth and avoid crowding and overbites. this can be done for both children and adults!

3. braces, aligners and retainers

for children, braces are an effective way of overbite correction. adults who are looking for more invisible ways to tackle this teeth misalignment can choose makeO toothsi’s clear aligners too. after the braces course, the user might have to wear retainers in order to retain the teeth' position and prevent an overbite.

4. surgery

a jaw realignment surgery is another option for overbite correction. however, jaw surgery can be complicated, risky and very costly too.

how much does corrective treatment cost?

An overbite treatment with braces can cost between Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000. If you are looking for more inconspicuous and comfortable alternatives to braces, you can choose makeO toothsi’s clear aligners. While they cost you anywhere between Rs.60,000-80,000, they are entirely invisible, comfortable and best of all: removable!

So if you want to correct your overbite in a comfortable manner, we at makeO toothsi not only have the best USFDA-approved clear aligners, but we even have a lucrative at-home option which means that you can go through an overbite correction at your own home. From an at-home 3D scan to home-delivered clear aligners, we’ve got your entire journey covered! And, if you’re thinking about the money, don’t worry! We also offer affordable EMI options starting from Rs. 3,394/month!

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is an overbite bad?

a deep overbite can be problematic and cause aesthetic concerns. It may also trigger several dental problems such as gum diseases, speech issues, mouth ulcers, and more.

how do you know if you have an increased overbite?

If your upper front teeth are overlapping your lower front teeth by 3mm you may have a deep overbite. But for the best diagnosis, you must consult an orthodontist.

does deep overbite get worse over time?

If not treated, an overbite can deepen over time, cause speech issues, or even damage bones, teeth, or jaw structure permanently.

how long does overbite correction take?

a deep overbite correction can take up to 2 years or more (especially in adult cases). however, the correction phase can be shorter if you have minimal dental problems.

what are the symptoms of an overbite?

if you notice a slightly prominent gap (more than 2mm) when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth, it’s a deep overbite. besides this, you may also have speech difficulties or feel discomfort while opening or closing your mouth or chewing food.

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