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what are forwardly placed teeth?

forwardly placed teeth is a type of teeth misalignment when the upper teeth sticks out far beyond the lower teeth. this condition is also known as overjet or overbite. everyone has slightly forwardly placed teeth, which is a-okay. however, severe cases need to be treated as they can cause serious dental issues.

forwardly placed teeth symptoms

forwardly placed teeth, meaning overbites, can be fixed by orthodontists with ease. so if you suspect that your front teeth are a bit unnaturally forward, do visit a dental clinic or book an appointment with makeO toothsi to know more. here are some other symptoms that point toward an overbite or forwardly placed teeth issues:

1. pain or discomfort while eating

consistent pain or discomfort while biting and chewing food can be a symptom of a forwardly placed bite.

2. difficulty fully opening the mouth

the misalignment of the jaw in a forwardly placed bite can restrict the range of motion, making it challenging to open the mouth fully.

3. sharp pain in the jaw

the strain and pressure exerted on the jaw joints due to a forwardly placed bite can result in sharp pain in the jaw area, especially when chewing.

4. speech impairment

a forwardly placed bite can affect the positioning of the teeth and interfere with proper speech articulation, leading to speech impairment or difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds or words.

why do you need to correct your forwardly placed teeth?

you must be wondering what the fuss is all about with forwardly placed teeth. what harm could a few protruding teeth do? well, opting out of a forwardly placed teeth treatment means that you will have to deal with these health implications:

  • irreparable teeth damage due to grinding
  • difficulty in chewing
  • severe jaw pain
  • headaches
  • difficulty in speaking
  • teeth and gum disease
  • tooth decay

forwardly placed causes

there are many ways that one can develop a misaligned jaw and have their upper jaw overlap the lower. it is commonly a generational trait that is passed down. but other forwardly placed teeth causes are:

1. excessive use of pacifier

prolonged use of pacifier as a child use can affect the natural growth and alignment of the teeth and jaw.

2. habit of thumb-sucking as a child

persistent thumb-sucking can disrupt the proper development of the teeth and jaw, potentially leading to a forwardly placed bite.

3. cleft lip and palate

individuals with cleft lip and palate often have structural abnormalities in the upper jaw, which can result in a forwardly placed bite.

4. improper dental care

incorrectly placed dental restorations, braces, or crowns can disrupt the natural alignment of the teeth and contribute to a forwardly placed bite.

5. frequent mouth breathing

excessive mouth breathing can alter the positioning of the tongue and affect the growth and alignment of the teeth and jaw, potentially resulting in a forwardly placed bite.

6. tumours in the mouth

tumors in the oral cavity can cause changes in the alignment of the teeth and jaw, leading to a forwardly placed bite.

7. jaw Injuries

traumatic injuries to the jaw, such as fractures or dislocations, can disrupt the natural alignment of the teeth and contribute to a forwardly placed bite.

how to treat forwardly placed teeth?

to properly treat an overbite, you must visit a dentist who will assess your teeth and refer you to an orthodontist for major tooth and jaw alignment issues. typically an overbite or forwardly placed teeth treatment differs for children and adults.

1. forwardly placed teeth treatment for children

  • expander devices or modification devices are used to correct the alignment of the jaw while it grows
  • extractions of some teeth to make way for adult teeth and prevent crowding
  • braces and retainers to correct the teeth position and keep them in place

2. forwardly placed teeth treatment for adults:

  • removal of a few teeth to make space for the remaining teeth
  • surgical jaw realignment
  • braces or invisible aligners to push the forward teeth into their correct position

how much does corrective treatment cost for horwardly placed teeth?

the estimated forwardly placed teeth treatment price in India ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs depending on the type of treatment and the severity of your misalignment. rven jaw alignment surgeries in India cost around Rs.60,000.

if you are looking for comfortable, painless and invisible options for taking care of your misalignment, then choose makeO toothsi’s clear aligners. made from superior quality plastic, these bands are custom made to fit your teeth like a glove. they apply gradual gentle pressure on your teeth and push them to their correct position. we at makeO toothsi also make smile correction a very simple and worry-free procedure as we offer one-of-a-kind, at-home services, so you can not only save time and money but also feel comfortable while your teeth get corrected!

before - after

Disclaimer: do try these selfies at home.


what causes gaps in teeth?

one of the major reasons that lead to a gap in teeth is a mismatch between the size of your jaw and teeth where normal teeth residing in an oversized jaw can create gaps between them. Poor gum health is another factor which leads to dental issues such as gum infection, receding gums, loose teeth etc. These dental issues related to your gums can also create gaps between your teeth.

how to fix the gap in front teeth without braces?

try our invisible aligners to fix a gap in teeth without braces. Our orthodontists will recommend a suitable solution only after identifying how the gaps are formed. In case you don’t want to visit a clinic, you can use our at-home self impression kit which includes moulding putties, dental trays, a cheek retractor, gloves, and an instructional manual to help guide you.

Once you get the impression of your teeth, you can send it to our team who will review your case and suggest a teeth straightening plan.

is diastema and teeth gap the same?

yes, diastema and teeth gap means the same thing and these terms are used to highlight the gap between your teeth. However, diastema is a dental term that is used to mainly describe the noticeable gap between your front teeth.

Diastema or the gap between your front teeth can be an aesthetic concern and it can be formed due to related gum disease.

how to fix the gap between teeth?

one of the most popular ways to fix the gap between your teeth is through the use of braces. Out of all the available types of braces, clear aligners are the most convenient and cost-effective option to fix the gap between your teeth.

Get your makeO toothsi scan done from your nearest clinic or through our at-home self impression kit to get your treatment plan started. Our expert orthodontists will study your case and then suggest a smile plan to fix your teeth using clear aligners.

can teeth gaps lead to a major issue?

apart from aesthetic concerns, teeth gaps can affect your overall oral health putting you at risk of various dental issues. Food particles can easily get stuck in the teeth gaps leading to the build-up of plaque and bacteria. If left unchecked, this can lead to various teeth and gum diseases such as tooth decay, receding gums, gingivitis, periodontitis etc.

why to cure diastema teeth or teeth gap asap?

diastema teeth or teeth gap is a common orthodontic issue that can lead to various dental issues if not corrected in time. Diastema can promote the build-up of bacteria or plaque in your teeth leading to various dental issues such as tooth decay, receding gums, periodontitis, gingivitis, etc.

You can also experience difficulty in daily activities such as eating and speaking along with the feeling of being self-conscious. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the gap between your teeth immediately.

what are factors that lead to diastema or gap between teeth?

diastema or a gap between teeth can be caused by dental factors such as a mismatch between the size of your jaw and teeth, poor gum health, missing teeth, etc.

Your daily habits can also lead to the formation of a gap between teeth. Habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, etc. can lead to diastema.

what is diastema or teeth gap treatment?

diastema can be treated with a few options which include methods such as the use of braces, dental bonding, and installing veneers (composite or porcelain).

The use of clear aligners is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to treat the gap between your teeth. You can carry out your teeth gap treatment discreetly and seamlessly with the use of makeO toothsi clear aligners.

what are invisible braces for teeth gaps and how does it help in diastema treatment?

invisible braces for teeth gaps are a transparent set of aligner trays that provide a modern and upgraded way of transforming your smile. Invisible aligners are most effective for diastema treatment as they are custom-made with the help of a 3D scan of your jaw.

These aligners effectively fix the gap between teeth by gently putting pressure and pushing your teeth to the required position with each set of an invisible tray that you wear.

why choose invisible braces for teeth gaps?

the use of invisible braces is one of the most effective and affordable ways to fix the gap between your teeth. makeO toothsi’s invisible braces provide a discreet solution to carry out the teeth gap treatment without anyone noticing. You can also continue your treatment without any food or lifestyle restrictions.

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