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That last step of your smile makeover! Use the retainer to maintain the results of your smile makeover: 24X7X6. Which means that you should wear it for 24 hours a day for 6 months after your entire smile makeover is over. Order now and get this product delivered within 7-10 working days. Price is inclusive of all taxes.

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Who is it for?
Those who have completed their smile makeover journey.

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Upper retainer/ Upper or lower retainer/ Lower retainer or both, as per your order.


For better results, use retainers for long term.

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Wear it at night for the next six months.

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upper removable retainer

lower removable retainer

frequently asked questions

What are removable retainers?

Clear retainers or dental retainers are custom devices you wear in your mouth, designed to mold to and fit the new position of your teeth perfectly. They are worn after an orthodontic treatment such as aligner treatment. Removable clear retainers are worn during treatment hours and only removed to eat, brush your teeth, or during other times that your orthodontist instructs.

Do retainers take some time to adjust?

Our body takes some time to adjust to new things, so similarly you might take some time to get used to your retainers. Your retainers may require tightening and that can be slightly painful.

Do retainers need regular cleaning?

As recommended by the orthodontist, it's better to use toothsi foamy to clean your retainers daily and avoid infection and bacteria build-up.

Will retainers increase plaque?

No, if you are cleaning your retainers daily, you'll have no problems like plaque and bacteria build-up. Retainers don't increase plaque.

Are retainers fixed or removable?

As the name suggests retainers are removable, they aren't fixed. They restrict the movement of your newly aligned teeth, back to their original position.

How do I keep the retainers safely?

Follow these tips to keep your retainer and your smile looking great:

  1. Always keep your clear retainer in its case when not wearing them

  2. Clean it with lukewarm, not HOT water

  3. Take your removable clear retainer out before a meal

  4. Keep your retainer away from the heat

  5. Avoid using any chemicals to clean your retainer

  6. Brush your teeth before using your clear retainer

  7. Be gentle while wearing your removable retainer

What are the benefits of removable retainers?

• Easy In, Easy Out - Removable retainers are easy to use. They are custom-molded for you, so they fit comfortably over the teeth

• Hassle-free Dining - You are free to remove the retainer when you are eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth

• Extra Protection - If you are using clear retainers they protect your teeth from nightly bruxism, which is when you clench or grind your teeth during sleep. It can cause damage to the teeth but your retainer acts as a nightguard. Dental retainers also protect dental work such as crowns and fillings

• Hassle-free maintenance - You can easily clean your removable retainers by soaking them in toothsi foamy to avoid bacteria build-up or infection

• Good oral hygiene - Removable retainers aids in good oral hygiene since you can remove them before brushing and flossing your teeth

• Doubles as a bleaching tray - Teeth whitening after the treatment is easy with clear retainers. Patients can apply bleaching gel on the inside of the retainers and use them as a bleaching tray

Are there different types of removable retainers?

Now there are three types of retainers that orthodontists prescribe after you’ve had your teeth straightening process done. They are prescribed to keep your teeth from moving and to settle them permanently in their new place.

  1. Bonded retainer

The first type is called a bonded retainer. It’s attached to the back of your teeth after your braces are removed to keep them in place for the first few months after treatment. The great part of a fixed retainer is that it’s permanent so you don’t have to think about taking it in or out since it’s cemented to your teeth. However, bonded retainers are often very difficult to clean. A bonded retainer is recommended if you need to wear your retainer at all times as a follow-up to orthodontic treatment.

  1. Hawley retainer

The second type of dental retainer is the removable kind. Hawley retainers, also called wire retainers, can be taken out for cleaning and for eating meals. These plastic retainers last a long time compared to other kinds of retainers. Having a removable retainer doesn’t mean it’s any less important for you to wear your retainer and follow your orthodontist’s instructions.

  1. Clear plastic retainer

The third type of retainer is another removable kind. Also called a molded clear retainer, it’s designed to mold to and fit the new position of your teeth perfectly. Clear plastic retainers have become popular in recent years because they’re virtually invisible and more likely to be worn. This removable orthodontic retainer protects the teeth against grinding.