all the laser hair removal before and after tips you should know about!

laser hair removal is an attractive option for long-term hair removal. unlike waxing, it lasts for months to years and does not cause as much pain, making it a cost-effective way of never having to worry about body hair. if you are someone who is tired of shaving or waxing every other week and has been toying with the idea of laser hair removal, then here are all the pre and post-care instructions you need to know about before making your appointment!

at makeO skin(formely skinnsi), the laser hair reduction session is conducted where laser waves go deep into your hair follicles. once the hair follicles heat up, their growth is affected. It takes a couple of weeks for new hair to grow. however, with each session, the targeted hair eventually starts shedding away on its own.

so, the next time when new hair grows, it is much finer and thinner. With each laser hair reduction session, you will see less hair growing back. and there will come a point in time when hair will stop growing completely. you can avail laser hair reduction treatment for all different body parts such as legs, arms, underarms, chest, stomach, and back.

things you should take care of before the session

things you should take care of before the session

  • before you start your laser hair removal treatment, make sure to check with your doctor/ dermatologist for any medication that might cause photosensitivity. some medications make laser hair removal more painful and people taking those must avoid this treatment

  • Do a patch test to understand whether your skin can handle the laser

  • Before the session, you should not apply any makeup, lotion, or deodorant on the area where you want to get the laser treatment done.

  • you should stay away from direct sunlight for at least 3 days before your laser hair reduction session.

  • scheduling your laser appointments during monsoon or winter seasons can help protect your skin from sun damage

  • you should avoid using spray tan products for a minimum of 2 weeks before your laser hair reduction session. this is done to avoid potential injury.

  • you should avoid waxing/threading/tweezing in the target area for at least a month. However, you can go ahead with shaving.

  • also, avoid using skincare products with retinoids in them for a week before your laser appointment

  • make sure to shower before the laser and keep your skin clean

  • wear loose cotton clothes that are soft and airy for your appointment

  • refrain from using chemical peels or facials, botox and derma fillers 2 weeks prior to a laser appointment

  • if you use blood thinners, antibiotics or any other medicines, make sure to stop it 2 weeks in advance for a safe treatment.

things you should take care of after the session

  • after laser hair removal treatment, you will notice redness and irritation in the treated area. it is common as they last for only a few hours. to get rid of the redness and irritation, you can use an ice pack or you can also consult your dermatologist.

  • even though we recommend that you should not use any soap or face wash on the targeted area if you really want to, then you should wash it gently, and that too with a mild face wash.

  • avoid using makeup/lotion/moisturiser/deodorant for the first 24 hours. you must ensure that the targeted area is kept clean and dry.

  • for the first 24 hours after laser, avoid all things hot including hot showers, sauna, steam etc.

  • don’t use products with retinoids for a week post-treatment

  • wait at least 2 weeks before doing a chemical peel, facial, derma filler or botox!

tips for post-laser hair removal care

after laser hair removal, you might face sensitivity and inflammation for a short period of time. you will also have to take precautions to maintain your skin after the session. here are some important post-laser hair removal care instructions to follow:

1. avoid sun exposure

after the laser hair reduction session, you should avoid sun exposure. this is done to reduce the chances of dark or light spots on your skin. also, make sure to apply sunscreen before you step out of your home.

2. avoid scratching the targeted areas

make sure that you don’t pick or scratch the targeted area. Also, avoid using any other hair reduction methods or products apart from shaving. using other hair reduction products will prevent you from seeing great hair reduction results.

3. your hair growth varies

on average, a lot of people will experience complete hair reduction after undergoing 6 to 10 sessions. But the frequency or density of regrowing hair will vary from person to person.

Now that you are aware of what to do before and after the laser hair reduction session, book an appointment with makeO skin(formely skinnsi). We offer the best laser technology and our services are painless and cost-effective. To know more about our services, you can check out our makeO website.

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