Why You Shouldn’t Skip Moisturising in Summer

moisturiser for oily skin in summer

While we all tend to religiously moisturise our skin during the winter, many of us tend to skip using a moisturiser as the mercury rises.

Do you think that moisturiser and heat don’t go together? We are here to burst this common skincare myth and tell you why you must lather your skin with a moisturiser even in the hot months.

Read along as we tell you why you must add a summer moisturiser for dry skin to your skincare kit and how to moisturise your skin effectively this summer season.

Is Moisturiser Good for the Skin in Summer?

Yes, moisturising in summer is a must. Sweating, sun damage and air conditioning make your skin dehydrated during the summer months.

Hence, it goes without saying that you must lather your skin with a nourishing moisturiser that will seal in the moisture in your skin and keep your skin hydrated and replenished.

Why You Should Moisturise in the Summer?

Moisturising your skin daily in the hot months is non-negotiable. The harsh rays of the sun make your skin dry. It is no secret that we lose plenty of fluids in the summer months.

Did you know that the harsh glares of the sun can accelerate your skin’s ageing and show fine lines and wrinkles? By moisturising in summer, you can minimise the sun damage on your skin.

Not just that, every time you take a dip in the pool, the chlorine in the pool strips your skin of its natural oils. By using a good moisturiser before taking a dip, you can ensure that your skin remains hydrated.

Tips to Moisturise Effectively in Summer

Looking for some tips to moisturise your skin the right way this summer? Here’s what you must keep in mind.

  • Use a deeply nourishing overnight cream on your face and skin that will rejuvenate and repair your skin while you have a good night’s sleep.
  • Invest in a non-comedogenic moisturiser for oily skin in summer. A non-comedogenic moisturiser is oil-free and it won’t clog your pores, unlike the oil-based moisturisers you use in the winter.
  • People who prefer an oil-based moisturiser can continue using one. Just make sure that you use less so that your skin doesn’t feel greasy.
  • Don’t forget to moisturise your hands and feet as they tend to dry out quickly.

Other Tips for Skin Care During the Summer

Want some tips or tricks to manage your skin better this summer? Here are some simple yet effective tips to follow.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to moisturise your skin from the inside out.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least 1-3 times a week to get rid of the dead skin cells and get radiant and youthful skin.
  • Invest in a quality sunscreen that gives you at least SPF 30 so that you can protect your skin from sun damage which speeds up your skin’s ageing.
  • Invest in a nourishing lip balm that will give your plump and soft lips this summer.

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Should I use a moisturiser if it's hot?

Yes, you must use a light moisturiser for summer even if it is hot outside as the harsh rays of the sun make your skin dry out quickly and leave it dehydrated.

Is moisturiser used in summer or winter?

A moisturiser is a must-have item in every person’s skincare kit, and it should be used throughout the year to keep your skin supple and hydrated.

Should we apply moisturiser at night in the summer?

Yes, you can apply a moisturiser cream for summer to your skin at night so that you wake up to soft and smooth skin.

What moisturiser should I use in summer?

You should ideally use a gel-based moisturiser for oily skin in summer which won’t make your skin look or feel greasy.

Which sunscreen should I use in summer?

Add a matte finish sunscreen to your skincare kit this summer, so that you can enjoy sun protection without having to deal with greasy skin.

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