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What is Diode Laser Hair Removal?

bridal hair removal

Forget razors and hot wax, the world of hair removal has moved on to more modern and permanent kinds of hair removal treatments, one of which is the laser hair removal treatment. Using highly effective and powerful laser technologies, this method directly attacks unwanted hair from its roots and permanently reduces its growth. This means hair-free skin for months or even years at a stretch!

There are many types of laser treatments available today, thanks to the advent of technology. One of the popular and preferred laser types is the diode laser. In this article, we will discuss diode laser treatment as a laser hair removal option, its benefits, disadvantages and some other alternatives.

What is a Diode Laser Treatment? diode laser treatment

Diode laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment or procedure that features a diode laser which safely emits light from the visible to the infrared range and gently removes unwanted hair from the skin while preventing the skin from damage. It’s a long-term solution to hair removal woes, with minimal discomfort.

How Does a Diode Laser Work?

Diode laser treatment works on the principle of ‘selective photothermolysis,’ an optical technique that points heat at the target hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue.

A diode laser machine uses this technique to target the melanin in the hair follicles of unwanted body hair to permanently reduce growth and give you flawless skin. Often this laser is used along with cooling technology to reduce any pain or discomfort that the laser might cause.

Benefits of Diode Treatment

Here are some of the main advantages of using a diode laser for your laser hair removal procedure:

  • Since this laser has a higher wavelength it can easily penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and hence is more effective.
  • You might require fewer sessions of laser with the diode laser due to its efficacy.
  • The higher wavelength in this laser is ideal for darker skin tones with coarser hair.
  • It can quickly remove large areas of hair
  • After using this laser, your skin will take a shorter time to recover
  • It gives a stable reduction and almost 90% hair reduction in only a few sessions.

Disadvantages of Diode Treatment

  • The higher wavelengths in this laser can cause more pain and discomfort.
  • This laser is not suitable for people with lighter skin and finer hair.
  • Post-treatment you may observe irritation, redness and swelling on your skin.
  • Sometimes, this procedure can cause pigmentation or changes in skin tones in certain areas.

Other Treatments For Removing Unwanted Hair

Now that you know about the diode laser and are looking for other options, you can consider IPL, Nd Yag and a makeO skin treatment too. What are these methods? Read below:


IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a procedure in which pulsed light is used instead of a laser to remove unwanted hair. IPL is a customisable procedure in which wavelength and power can be changed according to the user’s skin and hair type.

- ND Yag laser

ND Yag laser is another effective laser with 4 energy levels that can successfully attack the hair follicles without causing damage to surrounding areas. This laser works in the same way as the IPL, however, it is known for giving longer-lasting results and it particularly suits the darker shades of hair.

makeO skin Laser Hair Reduction

Lastly, at makeO skin, we use the latest 4-wavelength laser with ice-cool technology which works effectively on all skin tones and hair types without causing pain! So no matter your tone or texture of hair, you can always book a free trial with makeO skinnsi and check if our laser hair reduction procedure is for you.

With makeO skin, you don’t even have to worry about constant trips to a skin clinic or spending an exorbitant amount of money to achieve the well-groomed skin of your dreams. makeO skin experts offer at-home services to do these laser treatments and you can choose from many affordable EMI options for laser hair reduction starting from Rs. 2,300/ month only.


Is diode laser good for hair removal?

Yes, the diode laser is good for permanent hair removal, especially for medium to darker skin tones with coarser hair. It can successfully give you permanent hair reduction and a well-groomed body in a few sessions.

Which is better, the diode or the IPL laser?

While both the diode and IPL procedures have their advantages, the diode laser is considered to be more effective and fast for getting rid of unwanted body hair and its results are comparatively more long-lasting!

Does hair grow back after a diode laser?

Since no laser treatment can permanently “remove” hair, only permanently “reduce” it, your hair may grow back after the diode laser treatment but it will take a long time and the growth may not be as thick or noticeable as before.

What are the negative effects of diode lasers?

Some common redness, irritation and swelling may occur temporarily post-treatment. Some uncommon side effects of the diode laser are possible burns, blisters, scabs, hypersensitivity etc.

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