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Waxing for Sensitive Skin: How to Do It Like A Pro

Sensitive skin waxing

If you have sensitive skin, then you know that the monthly visit to the salon is not a cakewalk. You know that it is inevitable that you will walk out of the salon with red, irritated and itchy skin. However, with certain precautions, you can make sure that you have a smooth and unstressed waxing experience.

We bring to you the ultimate guide that will tell you how to go about with waxing for sensitive skin.

Hair removal for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin have to take extra precautions like avoiding sun exposure, limiting their intake of coffee before their waxing session and avoiding booking a waxing appointment during their periods.

We all know that sensitive skin waxing often brings along with it skin redness, itchy skin, lifted skin, bumps, pustules and hives. Though sensitive skin is unpredictable, with proper pre and post-waxing care routine, you can make the waxing process less daunting and painful.

Types of sensitive skin

Did you know that there are different types of sensitive skin? Here are the two types of sensitive skin that you must know.

1. Sensitive and Dry Skin

Dry skin doesn’t produce enough sebum production and it appears dull and patchy. If your skin is dry and sensitive, then it will easily turn red, feel inflamed and break out into acne, pustules and pimples.

2. Sensitive and Oily Skin

If your skin is sensitive and oily, then it is a double threat. Oily skin means excess sebum production which results in greasy skin. Greasy skin in turn causes acne breakouts, pimples and pustules.

What's worse is that since your skin is sensitive, you cannot use any random store-bought product for oily skin and have to be careful about what you use to treat your sensitive and oily skin.

3 easy tips to help prevent irritation while waxing sensitive skin

Do your homework and find out the best wax for sensitive skin. Want some handy tips to follow before and after your waxing session that will make the entire process more seamless?

Here are some other tips that you must keep in mind.

- Prep your skin

It is important that you prep your skin to ensure that it is well-hydrated before your waxing session. Make sure that you drink plenty of water before the appointment.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine before your appointment as they add to the skin inflammation. Limit your sun exposure before and after your waxing session.

- Moisturise immediately after waxing

Your skin becomes extremely dry after your waxing session. Hence, you must lather a generous amount of lotion on your skin and keep it moisturised and well-hydrated. Moisturising your skin will also help to soothe your inflamed skin.

- Avoid waxing your face

The skin on your face is thinner and hence you need to avoid waxing your face or take extra caution when waxing your face. So, instead of waxing your eyebrows, upper lip, chin and sideburns, you can consider shaving or threading them.

Other alternatives to waxing for sensitive skin

Feel like waxing is not for you? We understand and are here for you. You can instead consider other popular hair removal techniques which are available today.

Some other alternatives to waxing for sensitive skin are:

Choose makeO skinnsi’s Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Don’t want to visit your local salon every month to get rid of unwanted body hair? We present to you a perfect solution for your hair removal dilemma. Book a laser hair reduction treatment with makeO skinnsi and go hair free from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Our trained professionals will show up at your doorstep and provide you with salon-like service at home. The best part about makeO’s skin treatments is that we offer affordable EMI options and discounts when you book our combo laser hair reduction sessions. Now, get flawless and beautiful skin with makeO skinnsi’s at-home laser hair reduction treatment.

Sensitive Skin Waxing FAQs:

What to keep in mind before trying a new hair removal technique for sensitive skin?

Make sure that you test the water and try these methods on a small patch of your skin before you go all out.

Which are some sensitive areas when it comes to waxing?

If you have sensitive skin, then be extra cautious while waxing sensitive areas like the underarm and bikini line.

How can you reduce waxing pain if you have sensitive skin?

You can consider using an anti-inflammatory before your waxing appointment if you want a pain-free waxing session.

What to use after waxing sensitive skin?

You can use aloe vera gel, cold compression or opt for a cold shower to get some instant relief after waxing sensitive skin.

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