Wax Safely During Your Pregnancy: Here’s some Tips and Precautions

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Pregnancy is a very special and sensitive time for a woman. This is when we want to do everything we can to make things safe and comfortable for the mother-to-be. If you are someone who would love to have smooth, hair-free and soft skin in your pregnancy days but are contemplating whether it is safe or not, let us help you make an informed decision. This article contains all the expert-verified information on waxing during pregnancy, precautions, risks and so much more. Let us begin, shall we?

Waxing During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Your body will go through a lot of major changes during nine months, both physically and emotionally. The hormonal levels can cause many changes in your body which would want you to steer clear of a few things. But the good news is that waxing is generally considered safe during pregnancy. Using wax to remove body hair will not cause any harm to the mother-to-be or the baby. If those unwanted body hairs are making you self-conscious then worry no more. You can turn to wax to get rid of pesky body hair so you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

That being said, there are certain precautions that are recommended to pregnant women to ensure absolute comfort and safety during pregnancy. Let us take a deep dive into the subject and learn more about pregnancy waxing.

When Should You Avoid Waxing During Your Pregnancy?

While pregnancy waxing is usually considered harmless, there are certain times when you should avoid waxing during pregnancy. Here we have mentioned certain scenarios where it is best to stay away from wax.

  1. Pregnancy can sometimes cause Melasma- which is a skin condition that causes brown spots on the skin. In such cases, it is advisable to avoid waxing during pregnancy as it can further irritate the skin.
  2. If your skin feels sensitive, itchy or irritated during certain phases of pregnancy, try to avoid waxing in that time to prevent breakouts or ingrowth.
  3. Do not opt for waxing as your hair removal method if you observe any kind of rashes, scarred tissues or active acne on your skin.
  4. Pregnant women may sometimes develop varicose veins. Waxing during this time can pull on the skin and worsen the condition.
  5. If any new moles, pimples or lumps have appeared on your body during pregnancy, then wait for them to subside before you undergo pregnancy waxing.
  6. It is also a good idea to wait for waxing until your skin heals if you have sunburn.

Is Waxing Painful During Pregnancy?

Your hormones fluctuate more than usual when you are pregnant. This can cause the hair to grow thicker and faster than normal. The hormones can also lead to more water retention in your body, leading to swollen feet and hands. The swelling makes your skin even more sensitive and vulnerable to irritation. Opting for waxing during pregnancy 1st trimester on overly sensitive skin can trigger breakouts and acne and even induce pain. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor or skincare professional about any skincare issue that you might be facing.

Precautions To Take Pre/Post Waxing

Here are the precautions that you can take while waxing during pregnancy to ensure safety and comfort for both you and the baby.

  1. Make sure that the waxing professional you choose to work with is highly experienced, skilled and follows all the hygiene practices properly.
  2. Ensure that the wax used on your skin is not too hot. It should not burn or irritate your skin.
  3. Make sure that the spatula used on your skin is not used on others before and if it is, it should be sterilised properly to avoid the risk of infections.
  4. It is always a good idea to perform a patch test on some part of your skin before going ahead with waxing over sensitive areas of your body.
  5. Choose a suitable soft wax on your skin so you can experience optimal comfort during the process and still get excellent results.


Waxing during pregnancy does not have to be scary or painful if you follow all the right precautionary measures. Use this article as a guide to make an informed decision to ensure your and the baby’s safety while achieving clear, fuss-free, smooth skin. If you are not pregnant yet or wish to get rid of body hair for a long time after you have given birth, you can check out the Laser Hair Reduction by makeO skin(formely skinnsi). It is an excellent way to remove hair for a long time after you have recovered from the delivery.


Should you wax or shave during pregnancy?

Waxing and shaving both are considered safe during pregnancy. However, you should take certain precautions while waxing during the later stages of your pregnancy.

Is bikini waxing considered safe just before giving birth?

You should avoid waxing your intimate areas just before giving birth. Avoid getting a bikini wax at least 1-2 months before giving birth.

How long after giving birth should you wait to get waxed?

You should ideally wait for 8-9 weeks after welcoming your baby into this world to get waxed.

Is it okay to wax over stretch marks?

Yes, it is safe to wax over stretch marks. It will neither trigger any infection nor cause any pain.

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