Threading Upper Lip vs Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal: Which Is Better?

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Mar 10th

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Visible hair on your upper lips can be unpleasant and annoying for many Indian women. Unwanted hair growth on the upper lips brings darkness and more attention to the area. This can often get in the way of you wearing bright lipsticks or feeling well-groomed for an event. This is why many women choose different forms of upper lip hair removal. From threading, and waxing to using hair removal creams for the face, and laser treatment, most Indian women are regularly finding the best ways to remove upper lip hair.

Upper Lip Threading vs Laser Removal: Which is Better?

While there are many options for hair removal when it comes to upper lips, threading is one of the most common ways of doing it. Meanwhile, laser removal which is less heard of, and more advanced is known to bring a permanent reduction in hair growth. So which is better? Let’s find out.

Upper Lip Threading

Just as most Indian women prefer waxing for larger areas, for smaller areas where the hair is smaller and you need more effective results, threading is preferred. The most common areas where threading is done has to be the face which includes eyebrows, sideburns and upper lips!

Upper lip threading is commonly done with a cotton or polyester thread. The thread is twisted and knotted once or twice and is used to take out individual hair on the face. You can also use this to trim your eyebrows because it provides great precision. Unlike waxing the upper lip, which can cause redness, burns and acne for acne-prone skin, threading does suit all skin types and is much cheaper to do. What’s more, is that you can use this method for quick upper lip hair removal at home.

However, with upper lip threading, you must be prepared for the pain and a burning sensation that lasts a few hours after the procedure. While the pain can be reduced, if threading is not done correctly, it can cause cuts and bumps too. All in all, upper lip threading will last longer than shaving or electric razors and is cheaper than waxing but you must be ready for some pain!

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Not many have heard of upper lip hair removal via laser, however, it is an efficient and safe way of removing upper lip hair permanently. A good laser hair removal treatment today is suitable for all skin types and hair colours. It takes a few sessions of laser treatment for the procedure to show results however, once your treatment is complete you will notice that your hair growth is permanently reduced! This will easily put a stop to your bi-monthly visits to the salon and save you lots of money in the future.

But how does upper lip laser hair removal work? A high-intensity laser beam is used to target the hair roots present in the hair follicles. This laser will attack the hair follicles which will eventually result in permanent hair growth reduction. Other than pregnant women and people on certain medications, everyone is suitable for a laser hair removal treatment!

So which is the best way to remove upper lip hair?

While upper lip threading is an easy, quick and cheap solution for unwanted upper lip hair, you must be prepared for pain, burning sensations and bumps. You must also be prepared for endless salon visits if you choose this method.

With upper lip laser hair removal, you may never have to worry about unwanted upper lip hair. This procedure not only gives long-lasting results but also saves you the time and money you would have spent in the salon! In short, laser hair removal treatment is a better option if you want long-lasting and pain-free results.

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What is the best way to remove upper lip hair?

You can remove upper lip hair by shaving with a face razor, using a depilatory cream, waxing, and threading. For permanent upper lip hair removal you can choose upper lip laser hair removal.

Can upper lip hair be removed permanently?

Yes, you can reduce the growth on your upper lip by choosing an upper lip laser hair removal treatment as waxing and threading may only give temporary results.

Will shaving the upper lip make it darker?

Contrary to popular opinion, shaving does not make the hair grow thicker or darker. Only when coarse hair grows it gives the illusion of darkness.

At what age should girls remove upper lip hair? It is safe for girls to remove their hair after reaching puberty so between the ages of 11-14 is considered safe. However, if you have sensitive skin, make sure to be more careful or avoid it for a few more years and choose an upper lip laser hair removal instead.

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