How to Choose A Moisturiser for Oily or Combination Skin

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Jun 5th

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The worst thing you can do to your oily or combination skin is to skip moisturiser because you think you don’t need it! It is a common misconception oily or combination skin users have that since their skin naturally produces more oil they don’t need the nourishment of a moisturiser, but they do.

Importance of applying a moisturiser

When oily or combination skin users use cleansers for their face, they are generally left with a clean canvas that can be drying. To fix this, it is essential first to use hydrating and oil-controlling serums and toners and seal them with a good moisturiser for oily skin. Without one, your skin will overproduce sebum or oil and only clog your pores which can cause acne and a lot of trouble!

How to choose a moisturiser for oily & combination skin?

The best moisturiser for oily skin and combination skin types is a thin, hydrating, oil-free moisturiser. Using heavier formulations will only clog pores and increase sebum production. Lightweight moisturisers or oil-free moisturisers which are water-based can help the skin feel nourished without clogging pores.

Which Ingredients in moisturisers are good for both oily and combination skin?

Here are some of the top ingredients to look out for in your next water-based moisturiser for oily skin:

1. Humectants

Lighter humectants like Hyaluronic acid and glycerin have thinner consistencies, making them perfect for hydrating ingredients for oily skin and combination skin. These bring moisture to the skin’s topmost layer to make the skin look youthful, healthy and hydrated.

2. Niacinamide and Salicylic acid

Active ingredients like Niacinamide and salicylic acid of course are the holy grail ingredients when it comes to oily acne-prone skin. They keep the skin hydrated while reducing oil/ sebum production in the skin. Niacinamide is also known to work on acne scars and improve skin texture and salicylic acid can unclog pores, and exfoliate the skin too.

3. Retinol

Retinol is another superstar ingredient for the best moisturiser for oily skin. Retinol is responsive for quickening the cell turnover process, boosting collagen production and exfoliating dead skin cells, to give you bright and plump-looking skin. Oily and combination skin users often face dull skin and a dehydrated look due to the presence of excess oil. Retinol helps bring alive your skin and soften it too.

4. Naturally derived ingredients

You can also look out for naturally derived ingredients in your moisturiser for combination skin like vitamins, antioxidants, aloe vera, green tea, and tea tree oil, in your moisturiser to gain more skin benefits.

5. Ceramides

While these ingredients are perfectly suited for both oily and combination skin types, it is best for combination skin types to use two different moisturisers. Since parts of their skin are oily and parts of their skin are dry, different moisturisers for combination skin will greatly benefit them. This dryness can be a sign of a compromised skin barrier which leads to irritation and roughness. Using a barrier repair cream with ceramides will also help build back the skin barrier so that loss of moisture does not take place!

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Which Moisturiser is best for oily skin?

Oil-free moisturisers and water-based moisturisers for oily skin are the right options. Choose thinner moisturisers with glycerin, hyaluronic acid etc. for a refreshed yet hydrated feeling for your oily skin.

Is moisturiser OK for oily skin?

Yes, it is important for even oily skin users to moisturise their skin every day. Though they must opt for water-based and oil-free formulations that are lighter in consistency, moisturising is important. Not using a moisturiser for oily skin can only worsen the skin texture and result in an overproduction of oil!

How can I moisturise my oily face?

You can moisturise your oily face by choosing a lightweight, water-based moisturiser that hydrates and nourishes the skin without feeling heavy, uncomfortable, sticky and clogging the pores.

Is Aloe Vera good for oily skin?

Aloe vera is one of the best natural ingredients for moisturising oily skin. It can heal cuts, irritation, redness and acne and seal moisture in the skin too which is why it is perfect for oily and combination skin types.

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