How to Deal With Pregnancy Acne the Right Way?

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Most of us have dealt with nasty acne breakouts at some point in our lives. But did you know that pregnancy increases your chances of suffering from acne? This is because of the drastic hormonal changes that occur in women during their pregnancy.

Intrigued to know more about pregnancy acne? In this article, we will discuss everything from what causes it, natural remedies to tips and hacks to manage pregnancy acne at home.

What causes pregnancy acne?

It’s no secret that there is a tremendous increase in the level of hormones in pregnant women in their first trimester. But did you know that this sudden increase in the level of hormones can trick your body to produce more oils which in turn can lead to early pregnancy acne on the chin or a full blown acne breakout? Pregnant women who have a history of hormonal acne caused by periods are at a higher risk of developing pregnancy acne.

3 Best natural remedies to try to combat pregnancy acne

Natural remedies are the best acne treatment safe for pregnancy. This is because over-the-counter medications can harm your unborn baby. Wondering what are some natural remedies that you can seek help from to soothe your pregnancy acne breakouts? Here are a few easy-to-find natural remedies that you can use to manage pregnancy acne.

- Honey

Honey is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Simply apply honey on your face and rinse it after 15-20 minutes.

- Coconut oil

Coconut oil has been used for aeons to seek relief from skin woes as it has amazing antifungal and antibacterial properties. We recommend you apply pure or extra virgin coconut oil on your skin before you go to bed.

- Baking soda

You can mix baking soda and water and use it as a spot treatment to soothe and reduce pregnancy acne marks and spots

6 Tips to manage pregnancy acne like a pro

Now that you know about the best acne treatment safe for pregnancy ,you can use to soothe pregnancy marks, it’s time for you to know about some basic tips that will help you manage pregnancy breakouts more gracefully. Here are a few handy tips that you must know.

  • Invest in a gentle, non-abrasive, non-comedogenic and alcohol-free cleanser.
  • Don’t wash your face more than twice a day as it might further irritate your acne-prone skin.
  • Avoid using extremely cold or hot water to wash your face. We recommend you use lukewarm water instead.
  • Change your pillows and bedsheets regularly.
  • Avoid poking your pimples.
  • Avoid touching your face frequently.

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Skincare can be tricky when you are pregnant as you don’t want to use anything that has a remote possibility of harming your unborn child. Hence we recommend you always seek advice from your dermatologist about the best acne treatment safe for pregnancy before you try out a new skincare product while you are pregnant.

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When does pregnancy acne start?

Wondering when does pregnancy acne start? Most women experience pregnancy acne breakouts around 6 weeks into their first trimester. However, one must keep in mind that this depends from person to person and is not the same for all.

Can you exfoliate your skin if you suffer from pregnancy acne?

Yes, you can gently exfoliate your skin with a mild exfoliator not more than 2-3 times a week.

How long do pregnancy pimples last?

Typically, you can spot an early pregnancy acne on your chin or a proper acne flare-up during your first trimester and it gradually reduces during your pregnancy. However, note that this varies from person to person and it is not the same for all.

Can stress and fatigue during pregnancy lead to acne?

Yes, stress and fatigue can lead to acne breakouts during pregnancy. Hence, it is important to avoid stress and indulge in relaxation techniques to avoid severe pregnancy acne breakouts.

How does overwashing your face lead to acne breakouts during pregnancy?

When you wash your face, it strips off the natural oils from your skin. If you overdo this, your skin will try to overcompensate for the dryness by increasing the production of sebum which in turn can lead to an acne flare-up.

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