Choosing Face Serums For Men: A Guide

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Gentlemen, it's time to step up your skincare game! More than just a trend, skincare is a necessity, and at the heart of an effective and wonderful regimen is a powerful and versatile face serum. So, let's talk about face serums for men and why you should add them to your routine.

Face serums are lightweight, intensive skincare products designed to penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. They address a wide range of skin concerns, from hydration to anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation to acne management. While the skincare market seems predominantly women-focused, many brands, such as makeO skin(formely skinnsi), are crafting exceptional serums for both men and women that cater to their unique skincare needs.

Why Should Men Use a Serum?

Men, here's the deal - your skin deserves attention, care, and hydration just as much as any woman's. A face serum for men is a skincare powerhouse packed with active ingredients that can deliver impressive results. Men's skin is significantly thicker, tends to produce more oil, and might even experience more exposure to environmental factors due to lifestyle choices. Using a serum helps combat these issues, enhances your skin's health, and makes you look and feel fantastic!

Tips to Choose the Right Serum for Men

Selecting the right serum for your skin can be a tricky business, so here are a few tips to assist you:

1. Identify Your Skin Type

Dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or normal - know your skin type before selecting a serum. Choosing the wrong serum for your skin type can have a negative impact and lead to greasiness, redness, irritation and even acne!

2. Understand Your Skin Concerns

It’s always better to know your goal before you begin your work. Is it wrinkles, acne, dullness, or hyperpigmentation? Once you've identified your skin concerns, you can easily pick a serum that addresses these issues. For example, if you have acne issues, you will need a salicylic acid serum, or for wrinkles and fine lines, you may need retinol! However, if these are severe acne issues, you may want to choose makeO skin(formely skinnsi) free consultation with experienced dermatologists to check your skin and prescribe an acne treatment plan.

3. Check the Ingredients

Look for serums packed with skin-friendly ingredients. For instance, Hyaluronic acid for hydration, Vitamin C for brightening, or Retinol for anti-ageing. Knowing popular and effective skincare ingredients and their benefits can greatly help you in shortlisting the correct serum for yourself.

4. Choose a Reputable Brand

Opt for trusted brands like makeO skin(formely skinnsi), known for their high-quality skincare products as they are dermatologically tested, safe for all skin types, cruelty-free, vegan, alcohol-free, paraben-free and sulphate-free too.

How to Apply Serums Correctly?

Application is key when it comes to serums. Here's how to do it right:

  • Apply serum on a clean face. Use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and oils from your skin.
  • A pea-sized amount is usually enough. Remember, serums are concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
  • Avoid using serums near your eyes as the skin around that area is very thin and sensitive.
  • Don't rub it harshly. Instead, gently massage the serum into your skin using your fingertips. You can even use a patting motion to seal the serum into your skin.
  • Have more than one skin concern? You can even choose to use two serums and then go in with a moisturiser for a holistic skincare routine.
  • Always check your serum bottles. Many come with labels that specifically mention “AM/PM” which denotes when they should be used.
  • Allow the serum to absorb fully into your skin before applying a moisturiser.
  • A moisturiser is very important after using a serum as it locks in the ingredients of the serum while keeping your skin from drying out.

Incorporating a face serum into your skincare routine can do wonders for your skin health. The key is to select the right serum and use it properly to reap maximum benefits. makeO skin(formely skinnsi) offers an excellent range of serums for men that you should consider trying. Remember, good skincare is not just about looking good; it's about feeling confident in your skin.


What does a face serum do?

A face serum delivers a high concentration of active ingredients directly into the skin to target specific skin concerns.

Can men use the same serum as women?

While men can use women's serums, it's better to opt for serums specially formulated for men's skin.

When should I apply a face serum?

A serum should be applied twice a day. Once in the morning before you begin your day and once at night when you end your day.

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