5 Most Popular Areas For Laser Hair Removal

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Laser treatment has recently become a popular method of body hair removal. It is a success story growing tremendously well amongst laser cosmetic procedures in the last two decades, thanks to its safety, effectiveness, and lasting results.

Laser hair removal treatment can be performed on almost any body part, which has hair growth. However, due to the severe risk of ocular injury, it cannot be performed in the eyebrow area. Barring that, if you got hair, we got you.

Why should you choose Laser Hair Removal?

  • Laser treatment provides long-lasting results and keeps body hair growth to a minimum.
  • With this treatment, you can enjoy hair-free months or even years!
  • The entire procedure is relatively painless and worry-free when done by a professional
  • Say goodbye to ingrown hair and uneven skin tone with laser hair removal!

Is laser hair removal suitable for everyone?

You might be surprised to know that laser hair removal is a safe procedure that can be done on anyone above the age of 14. That means that men and women both can easily opt for laser hair removal if they will remove all body hair. Only pregnant women and people on certain medications are supposed to avoid laser hair removal to prevent adverse effects. So, if you are on medication for some disorder or ailment, make sure to check with your doctor before signing up for your laser appointment and you are good to go!

The desire to remove all body hair has been around for decades, and laser hair removal is the perfect solution. Some body parts are more popular for hair removal that people commonly prefer to treat. Let’s have a look at the list of popular laser hair removal body parts and know why!

The Most Common Laser hair removal body areas

1. Facial Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal on the face is equally popular with both men and women. It reduces the ingrowth of hair and bumps or cuts occurring from frequent shaving, threading, or waxing on the face and neck.

Women with visible hair growth above their upper lips or on their chin or sides of the face prefer this for comfortable and quicker relief. Men often go for this method to avoid razor burns or do away with shaving daily. Some men also need to remove the hair in the ears and find it safer and quicker to do so through laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal sessions for facial hair may take less than an hour. A series of such sessions is advised for the best results. It helps with the confidence in men and women invariably to get rid of that facial hair once and for all.

2. Chest Laser Hair Removal

Most often chest hair removal is a common concern for men. It can, at times, be an issue for women as well. Because of its large surface area and rapid rate of hair growth, hair maintenance on the chest area can be effort-taking and time-consuming. Like waxing or shaving, the other methods cause pain and scars on the chest if gone wrong. Plus, you have to do it so frequently.

Do you know what’s better still? Laser hair removal at home. You could go ahead and book a session with skinnsi. All it takes is one touch on the smartphone.

3. Legs Laser Hair Removal

Imagine if you never had to shave your legs again! Took a sigh of relief? Right! That is the goal of doing laser hair removal on your legs- a long sigh of relief and hair-free legs. And that is why leg hair is another common choice for laser hair removal. Think of waxing or shaving or any other method of getting rid of unwanted hair on the legs, and an image of pain, cuts or bumps or a nauseating smell comes up, doesn't it?

Laser hair removal for legs is equally popular among men and women equally. Some women prefer hair reduction on their legs from the ankle to just above the knee instead of the full leg, depending on their comfort and preference. Women with rapid hair growth on their legs find this method faster, painless, and cost-effective compared to traditional waxing.

4. Underarms Laser Hair Removal

Underarm hair causes sweat and bad odour, which is common in men and women. Women usually shy from wearing sleeveless clothes in summer because of this issue. Laser hair removal treatment can reduce unwanted hair from under the arms to avoid all those situations.

If you want that freedom to wear a sleeveless top without a thought, swim anytime, or just feel confident at the gym, underarm laser hair removal can be a great idea. No sweat! Now that is a sweet spot.

And with advanced service providers like skinnsi, it is quick, easy, and pain-free without making a hole in your pocket too!

5. Bikini Laser Hair Removal

The bikini hair area is another common area for laser hair removal. Some women like to treat the area as per the bikini outline. In contrast, others prefer to go for the whole pubic area, known as the Brazilian treatment. It is much safer, smoother, and faster than using a razor on this delicate part than regular waxing and shaving. Bikini laser hair removal is preferred as it gives the long-term benefits of having a smooth and fuzz-free bikini line.

Laser hair removal is painless and long-lasting. It is now at the top of many beauty to-dos lists. If you are still unsure how it would go, book a trial session for laser hair removal with makeO skin (formely skinnsi) and see yourself! We offer a comfortable laser treatment at home where our skinnsi pros bring the latest equipment for your hair removal. That’s not all! The entire procedure is virtually monitored by a dermatologist and the laser we use has an ice-cool technology that cools the heat of the laser for a painless experience. makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser hair reduction is not only an effective and comfortable laser option but it is affordable too! If you are worried about spending way too much on laser hair removal, then fret not because we offer exciting EMI plans to start from Rs. 2,300/month!


1. Can laser hair removal be done on private parts?

Yes, laser hair removal is safe to be done in private areas of the body. In fact, private parts laser hair removal is very commonly done by men and women.

2. Which body parts hurt most for laser hair removal?

The underarms and the bikini line are supposed to be body parts where the laser causes the most pain. So make sure to opt for a service with the latest technology laser-like makeO skin (formely skinnsi). Our laser hair reduction uses ice-cool technology to cool the heat of the laser and cause minimal pain during treatment.

3. Is laser hair removal safe for all body parts?

Yes, laser hair removal is safe for most body parts. Only the region around the eyes and the eyebrows, where the skin is extra sensitive and thin is unsafe under a laser. Every other area is suitable for laser hair removal!

4. What body parts are included in a full-body laser?

A full body laser typically includes most of the body parts like legs, arms, underarms, face, and bikini line.

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