Teenage Acne: All You Need To Know About Teenage Pimples

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Experiencing teenage acne is fairly common as your body goes through different hormonal changes during puberty. Having teenage pimples on your skin may not be a health hazard but it can certainly affect your self-esteem leading to social distress. It is essential to get the right acne treatment for teens in the early stages to avoid any possible long-term damage to the skin.

What is Acne?

Acne is caused when the pores present on your skin are clogged due to excess oil, dead skin cells, or bacteria. Hormonal changes in teens lead to excess production of sebum which is the oil secreted from the oil glands located below the pores. The excess production of sebum causes teenage pimples which appear as whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, or cysts.

Causes of Teenage Acne

The main reason for teenage acne is hormonal changes in teens that occur during puberty. However, other external reasons such as certain lifestyle habits can also prolong the acne on your face. Let’s look at some of the possible causes of acne in teens.

Hormonal Changes

During puberty stages, a hormone called androgen is secreted which can be the leading cause of acne in teens. When androgen is produced, the oil glands will produce excess sebum that will clog the pores on your skin. This can lead to acne breakouts in teens.


Frequent and prolonged use of oil-based cosmetics can clog your pores leading to the risk of acne. Always remove makeup before sleeping by using a foaming cleanser. Using water-based makeup products can also help to ease the pressure on your skin.


Acne can also be related to your genetics, and you could inherit recurring acne if your parents faced the same problem during their teenage years.

Picking Acne

Most people have the urge to pick on acne by popping them through their fingers. This can only spread the contents of acne to the surrounding area of the skin leading to more breakouts. Also, the bacteria and germs on your fingers can make matters worse by spreading in your pores.

Hard Cleaning

You only need to clean your face twice a day to remove the dead skin cells and excess oil. Too much cleaning can dry out the skin leading to more production of pore-clogging sebum from your oil glands. Also, cleaning and roughly scrubbing your face can irritate your skin making it prone to acne.

Acne Treatment for Teens

There are various kinds of teenage pimples best treatments that can be used to curb acne. Here’s a look at some of the best acne treatments for teens to control and prevent acne breakouts.

Topical Treatment

There are various topical treatments available in the market in the form of over-the-counter products. These are mainly creams, face washes, lotions, facemasks, etc. that you can directly apply on your face. While choosing these products, look for ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, acetic acid, and salicylic acid.

Prescribed Treatment

Ask your dermatologist to prescribe the right teenage acne treatments that work for your skin type. Your dermatologist will mainly recommend products with adapalene that helps to unclog your pores and prevent further breakouts.

Acne Treatment

One of the best treatments for teenage pimples is to undergo a professional acne treatment service. An acne service will work by immediately treating the affected area on your face.

Home Remedies for Teen Acne Treatment

There are also several teenage pimples home remedies that you can follow to treat your acne. You can choose one of these home remedies as the best acne treatment for teens.

  • Avoid refined carbohydrates with a high-glycemic index such as pasta, white rice, white bread, cake, etc.

  • Apply a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water (1:4 parts) to your skin after cleansing.

  • Apply a mixture of tea tree oil and water (1:8 parts) to the acne-affected areas.

  • Moisturise your skin with aloe vera gel taken directly from the aloe vera leaf.

Following the best skincare for teenage acne can help you to keep your acne in control while preventing further breakouts. At makeO skinnsi you can checkout some of the best acne products for teens to safeguard your skin from acne. These are dermatologist-tested and backed skin care products which can be used as the best acne treatment for teenage males and females. If you want to go one step further then you can also opt for makeO skinnsi’s acne treatments and treat this issue with the help of professionals.


Does acne go away naturally?

In most cases, acne can eventually disappear after some time if it is not aggravated or increased by touching. Acne can disappear in a timeframe of a few days to a few weeks. However, if your acne breakouts are regular then you should consult a specialist for the appropriate treatment.

What foods cause acne?

Foods that have a high value on the glycemic index are more likely to be responsible for your acne breakouts. Most of these foods have a high content of processed sugar and carbohydrates such as soda, junk food, cake, white bread, etc.

When will hormonal acne stop?

Hormonal acne usually occurs during puberty as your body is going through hormonal changes while transitioning into adulthood. Hormonal acne can last for a few years while coming and going between your early puberty years. It usually stops as you enter your 20s.

What is the root cause of acne?

The root cause of acne is when your pores get blocked due to excess sebum and dead skin cells. Acne is caused by the secretion of androgen which leads to the production of excess oil from your glands leading to your pores being blocked.

Is it normal for a 14 year old to have acne?

Yes, it is normal for a 14 year old to have acne as it develops due to hormonal changes during your puberty. Most of the acne will disappear after your puberty stage is completed and you enter your adulthood.

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