5 Skincare Habits You Need To Avoid To Prevent Acne

Acne in chin area

We all agree that you cannot totally control acne breakouts because there is not much in your hands when it comes to hormones or genetics, which happen to be two primary factors that lead to acne breakouts.

We are constantly reminded of what to do when it comes to managing and preventing acne breakouts. From eating clean, and staying hydrated to cleansing your face properly and wearing less makeup, we know these skincare routine tips for acne prone skin are helpful.

But what about the don’ts when it comes to acne skincare routine? Did you know that certain lifestyle habits can worsen and aggravate your acne? Read along as we shed light on 5 skincare habits that you need to stop doing today for acne prevention.

What is Acne?

All of us have had to deal with acne at some point in our lives. They can be on your face, forehead, back, chest, and shoulders. Today, acne is a common skin dilemma for people across different age groups but the good news is that you can treat it with over-the-top creams and makeO skin(formely skinnsi) at-home acne treatment which is fuss-free, affordable, and convenient.

5 Skincare Habits That Can Worsen Acne

Wondering what kind of skincare habits might cause your acne to become worse? Here are some acne skincare routine habits that you must vow to never indulge in from right this moment.

1. Popping your pimples

Though it might give you some weird satisfaction to pop your zits and squeeze them, you must never do so. This is because they don’t just make your acne worse but they also leave behind stubborn acne scars and blemishes which won’t go away easily.

2. Washing your face too many times

Yes, you read it right. Though it might seem like washing your face several times a day is a good skincare habit to have, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Washing your face several times a day strips away the natural oils from your face and tricks your skin to produce more sebum which further makes your skin oily and leads to acne breakouts.

3. Constantly scrubbing your face

Exfoliating your skin is good to get rid of dead skin cells but you must never overdo it as it can cause skin inflammation and redness and further aggravate your acne.

One of the best skincare tip for acne prone skin is to be gentle with your skin and invest in a mild non-comedogenic cleanser to clean your face daily.

4. Trying new acne treatments often

We understand that acne can be annoying, painful, and unpleasant but you need to be patient. Trying out a new acne treatment every week is not the right way to go about it as it will only further irritate your skin and flare up your acne breakout.

5. Using makeup products that clog your pores

Whether it is hair products or skin care products, you must check the ingredients and opt for clean products which are oil and fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

Other acne prevention tips are to always remove your makeup before you go to bed and to consult a dermatologist if you feel that your acne is becoming difficult to manage.

Want to get rid of your acne for good? We recommend you check out makeO skin(formely skinnsi) new age at-home acne treatment which will clear up your skin and make it look fresh and glowing in no time.

Feel like you will have to spend a fortune to be able to afford makeO skin(formely skinnsi) skin care treatments? You are in for a big surprise! Our acne treatment and other skin care treatments like derma facials and hydra facials are very affordable and come with easy-to-pay EMI options.

Skin Care For Acne: FAQs

Why is acne caused?

When your skin pores get clogged, dead skin cells and other impurities like dirt, sweat, and bacteria get trapped in your skin pores and they cause zits, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, etc.

What are non-comedogenic products?

Non-comedogenic skin care and makeup products don’t clog your skin pores and don’t further aggravate your acne-prone skin.

How often should you wash your face?

You must stick to washing your face simply twice a day - once in the morning before you begin your morning skin care routine for acne prone skin and once before you start your nighttime skincare regime.

Can skincare products make acne worse?

Generally, skin care products that contain oil make acne breakouts worse as they cause pimples and zits.

Should I have a skincare routine for acne prone skin?

Yes, it is important that you religiously indulge in a skincare routine for acne prone skin. Remember to invest in gentle yet effective skin care products which will help to soothe your skin.

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