Shaving arm hair: A Guide for Men's Grooming Choices

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Keeping the hair on your arms or removing arm hair is purely an aesthetic choice that men can choose for themselves. Some men prefer to have clean and smooth arms and armpits that are free from hair. While some men prefer to avoid shaving their arms as it doesn’t bother them much. If you are from the former group of people, you would surely want to know more about body hair removal for men. This article has everything you need to know about shaving arm hair for men along with a few innovative alternatives.

Should Men Shave Their Arms?

Some men choose to shave their arms for aesthetic reasons, sports (like swimming or bodybuilding), or personal comfort while others prefer to keep their arm hair natural. Ultimately, the choice is yours and you should do what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

Apart from aesthetic reasons, shaving arm hair for men can lead to noticeably less sweating. As the hair can retain moisture, removing it from your arms and armpits can help you avoid sweat rings on your shirt. You will also experience less odour from hair removal on your arms and armpits. However, before you start searching for ways to shave your arms, you should consider the possible downsides of hair removal from the arm.

The Downside of Shaving Arms

Knowing how to shave arms with a razor is essential to carry out smooth and efficient hair removal. Even after doing so, you can still experience certain side effects on your skin that you need to be aware of. Here we have listed some of the possible downsides that you might experience after shaving your hair with a razor.

1. Ingrown Hair:

This is the most common side effect of shaving where the shaved hair will grow into the skin. Ingrown hair can lead to discomfort and visible red bumps on the skin.

2. Razor Burn:

This condition occurs right after shaving the skin where the skin experiences inflammation and bumps. Razor burn can be caused by using an old or unsharpened razor, improper use of shaving cream or incorrect shaving techniques.

3. Cuts on Skin:

If you are shaving arm hair for the first time then you need to pay attention as even the slightest distraction can lead to unwanted cuts on the skin. Nicks and cuts are common when you try to shave your skin with a razor.

Alternative to Shaving Arms

You can avoid these side effects by choosing other alternatives to remove hair from your arms and armpits. Some of the effective methods for removing your hair from your arms are listed below.

1. Full Hand laser hair removal on arms

You can choose to remove the hair from your arms and armpits with the use of laser hair removal. Using laser hair removal on arms can give you smooth and well-groomed skin without any side effects or pain. Long-lasting results, no pain or cuts, no ingrown hair, its cost-effectiveness and the comfort of performing the treatment from your home are just some of the benefits of opting for Laser Hair Reduction.

2. Waxing

Waxing is one of the most widely chosen methods for hair removal. It works by ripping the hair from its root in one swift motion. Depending on the type of hair and the sensitivity of the body part, hard or soft wax can be used for best results.

3. Hair Removal Cream

This is a quick and pain-free way to remove any unwanted hair last minute. A hair removal cream is applied on the concerned area, it is left for some time and simply wiped off.

4. Hair Removal Spray

Hair removal spray is a cosmetic product designed to remove unwanted hair from the skin's surface by breaking down the hair's protein structure and making it easier to wipe or wash away, providing a temporary hair-free appearance.

5. Threading

Threading is a hair removal technique that involves using a twisted thread to trap and pull out unwanted facial or body hair at the follicle level. It provides precise and longer-lasting results compared to shaving.


It is a personal choice whether you want to shave your arm hair or not. However, if you wish to have smooth, hairless arms then Laser Hair Reduction is a long-lasting, hassle-free solution. You can try out makeO skinnsi to experience an almost painless and permanent result. Your hair removal treatment will be under the careful supervision of an expert dermatologist giving you 90% hair reduction. Book your hair reduction session from makeO skinnsi at the earliest.


Does shaving arms make hair thicker?

No, shaving arms doesn’t make hair thicker or make them grow faster than before. Shaving your hair will give a blunt tip to the hair making it appear darker and coarser as it starts growing out. This might create the illusion of hair being thicker after shaving.

Will shaved arm hair grow back?

Yes, shaved arm hair will grow back to its original length and thickness as before. Contrary to popular belief, shaving your arm doesn’t lead to your hair growing thicker, faster or longer than before.

Is it OK to shave your arms as a guy?

Shaving your arm as a guy is more of a personal preference which you can do if you like smooth and clear arms. Shaving your arm hair can be considered similar to grooming your hair and moustache which is mostly done for aesthetic reasons.

How fast does arm hair grow?

Once you have removed your arm hair, it can grow back to its usual length in about 30-45 days. Other parts which require the same amount of time for hair growth are the armpits, pubic areas and legs.

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