Pimple around lip? Here's how to prevent acne around mouth

acne around mouth

Acne is a problem that most of us have probably dealt with or continue struggling with every now and then. The most common areas of breakouts on the face are along the T-zone (Forehead, nose and chin). Pimples around the lips can be the most irritating as they can make routine activities like eating or talking difficult. But have you ever wondered what causes pimples on lips or around the mouth? There can be a variety of reasons for acne like lifestyle, stress levels, dietary choices, allergy to certain skin care products or cosmetics and of course, genetics. In this blog, we will shed light on the main reasons that cause mouth pimples and methods to cure them.

What causes pimples near lips?

To get rid of the pimples near the lips or any part of body, it is essential to know their root cause. Only when you know what is causing the problem, can you get rid of it for good. makeO skin (formely skinnsi) helps people look and feel their best. We have a team of highly qualified industry experts that dig to the root cause of a problem and churn out advanced, effective and futuristic solutions to those problems. Let us try to understand what experts think are the leading causes of acne on lips.

Causes of Acne


Changes in the levels of androgens cause the overactivity of sebaceous glands, leading to pimples on lip line. Women may experience occasional breakouts as their hormonal levels change during pregnancy or menstruation (especially, if someone suffers from PCOS). Any change in medications can also cause acne around the mouth.


Everybody’s skin is different and it is important to know your own triggers. Observe if certain foods like excess sugar or oil are triggering breakouts. If you have existing acne problems and continue to consume foods that increase the insulin levels in the body, you may be inviting more skin problems. Excessive consumption of dairy products may also lead to increased production of androgens and acne.

Product buildup:

Ever noticed that using certain makeup or skincare products causes your skin tends to break out? This can be because of the presence of comedogenic ingredients in your products. Not removing your makeup before going to sleep is the best way to invite acne. The makeup residue can cause buildup, clog the pores and cause breakouts.


Using a facial razor that may have become a breeding ground for bacteria can invite mouth pimples. Facial razors in combination with shaving cream or oil can irritate the skin further.

How to prevent acne near mouth?

Cleanse your face thoroughly:

A good skincare routine is crucial for acne prevention. Wash your face twice a day and make it a habit to use toner and moisturiser on your face afterwards. Provide your skin with all the basic love and care it needs.

Always remove your makeup at night:

We cannot stress enough on this point. Always remember to thoroughly wash your face and get rid of makeup before going to bed. Leaving your makeup overnight can clog the pores and lead to excess sebum production. Pay extra emphasis on unnoticeable areas like the upper lip, chin and corners of the nose as this is where your makeup may build-up.

Avoid certain cosmetics:

If your foundation or concealer has comedogenic ingredients in them, it is best to get rid of them. Lipsticks and lip balms can cause acne around the mouth too.

Follow a good, hygienic shaving routine:

Shaving can irritate the skin. Ensure to change the razor blades regularly, rinse them after every stroke and allow them to dry to prevent build-up of bacteria.

Use over-the-counter medications:

Salicylic acid, retinoids and benzoyl peroxide are some OTC ingredients that can prevent acne. You can look for these ingredients in the face washes, night creams and serums you use.

Treatment for Acne Near Mouth

Short-term treatment:

You can follow the above-mentioned preventions to keep acne at bay. If you have existing acne, do not squeeze them as this can damage the skin and further aggravate the growth of pimples.

Long-term treatment:

For this, it is ideal to consult your dermatologist and get their opinion. They will either suggest some lifestyle changes or medications that can help you in the long run.

If you want to get rid of pimples on lip line for good, try out the acne treatment from makeO skin (formely skinnsi). We are a lifestyle and self-care brand that is here to make your life better. Under our acne treatment, you can benefit from makeO skin (formely skinnsi) chemical peel that heals pimples and prevents new breakouts- and a scar reduction treatment that will help you get your clear, baby-like skin back.

Acne is a skin condition that can be treated if taken care of. Follow the steps listed by the experts and observe the results in a few days. If the acne does not subside, then it is advisable to consult your dermatologist. Book a session with makeO skin (formely skinnsi) for a consultation today!


Does menopause cause pimples on lip line?

Yes, hormonal changes during menopause can lead to acne.

What age group is most likely to have acne?

Teenagers are more likely to face acne and other skin problems as they are still in their growth years.

Can food cause pimples around lips?

Food such as fried foods, sugar and dairy can cause acne around the mouth.

Can estrogen levels cause acne?

Yes, low estrogen levels (around menopause) can cause pimples on lips.

How long do mouth pimples around the mouth last?

Pimples around the mouth can last upto 2-3 weeks.

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