Morning Skincare Ritual You Must Follow

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Are you the kind of person who enjoys watching videos of popular influencers and dermatologists showing off their skincare routines? If you are, you must be aware of the importance of a good skincare routine. If you want your skin to look young, fresh and supple even when you hit 50, it is important you start taking care of it now. A good nighttime skincare routine focuses on stimulating the healing and regenerating process of the skin while a good morning skincare routine is all about prevention and protection.

As opposed to the overwhelmingly lengthy routines, we are providing you with a simple guide to morning skincare routine that will make you fall in love with your skin now and forever.

Here Are 5 Morning Skincare Routine Steps That You Must Follow

There could easily be 15 steps in an elaborate skincare daily routine. But, let's face it, nobody has got the time, commitment or money for all that. So let us give you a tried and tested easy 5-step morning skincare routine that you can follow every morning.

Step 1: Cleanser

Look for a toxin-free cleanser that suits your skin’s natural pH. Make sure that your cleanser is gentle and does not leave your skin excessively dry.

Step 2: Toner

The toner’s job is to gently refresh your skin without stripping off its natural moisture.

Step 3: Serum

If you want to keep your skin firm and bright for a long time and do not want to invite fine lines on your forehead, this is the step that you cannot miss. A good anti-oxidant serum boosts hydration, reduces signs of ageing, brightens your skin and reduces blemishes.

Step 4: Eye cream

Your insufficient sleep, high-stress levels and low hydration levels can reflect on your face in the form of eye bags. Thankfully, eye cream is the product that can help you fix that.

Step 5: Sun-block

There is a scary-long list of things that sun damage can do to your skin and the only practical way of prevention is sunscreen. Make sure to use reliable sunscreen (even when you are indoors) with a high SPF number.

How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

One of the first morning skincare routine steps is to start with a clean and fresh face. You can start your day by washing your face with a gentle face wash best suited for your skin. If you wash your face right before going to bed, then your skin won’t probably come in contact with anything that must be washed away. It is still a good idea to kick start your morning face routine by washing your face.

But what if you have oily skin?

If you have incredibly oily skin, then your skin can produce more sebum in the night and cause build-up. In that case, you include a face wash in your morning skincare routine for oily skin. To ensure that you wash off all the excess oil and dirt on your face, ensure you follow a lather-and-rinse routine.

What if you have dry skin?

Using hard face washes can rip your skin off any remaining oils. You can use an oil-based gentle face wash or a cleansing balm to wash your face in the morning. This morning skincare routine for dry skin will not only clean your face but also leave a thin layer of much-needed moisturiser on your skin.

Do You Really Need to Wash Your Face in the Morning?

One-word answer, YES. Sebum and bacteria can accumulate on your face overnight and it is always a good idea to start your skincare daily routine with a clean, fresh face. Washing your face in the morning will also remove the residue of the products used in your nighttime skincare.

What If You Workout in the Morning?

If you workout in the morning, then cleansing your face is non-negotiable. No matter what your skin type is, you must wash your face after a workout session.

Morning Cleanser Formula Recommendations

The type of cleanser you should use depends on your skin type and your preference. There is not one product that fits all. However, there are certain things that you should avoid in your face wash formula. Make sure no product in your morning face care routine consists of any harsh toxins or ingredients that disturb your pH levels. Your formula should be non-stripping and gentle on your skin and should get the job done.


Skincare is a very personal thing and is best if customised according to your needs, goals and skin type. The morning skincare routine steps you should follow and the type of products you use must work for your skin type without stripping it of its natural moisture. Try and figure out what face wash works for you and seek help from your dermatologist if needed.


1. Is it better to do skincare in the morning?

Your nighttime skincare routine will boost new cell production, meaning there is more reason to do morning skincare, which will cleanse and refresh it for the next day.

2. What is the need for morning skincare?

A morning skincare routine will prep your face for sun protection and prevention against pollution and makeup (if you like to wear it) while hydrating it.

3. Is it ok to skip face wash in the morning?

You can skip washing your face in the morning and simply rinse it with water if your skin does not feel excessively oily or dirty.

4. Are morning and nighttime skincare routines interchangeable?

Morning routine for glowing skin usually focuses on prevention and protection from the sun, dust and pollution while nighttime products promote regeneration. You can, however, use the same cleanser.

5. How long does a morning skincare routine take?

Morning skincare routine steps can be as elaborate as you want them to be. However, a precise routine should take anywhere between 5-8 minutes.

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