Laser Hair Removal Aftercare: Things to Know

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Laser hair removal can be life-changing. It can drastically reduce hair growth on your skin safely and effectively, making it a popular choice for hair removal in men and women. In the laser hair removal procedure, laser waves are used deep down into your skin hair follicles. As those follicles heat up in the process, it impacts their natural growth cycle. After the first session, hair grows back more delicate, thinner, and lighter. And with each subsequent treatment, the targeted hair eventually sheds away on its own in a couple of weeks.

If you are still looking for the best laser hair removal option that works for you, your wait ends now. Try laser hair removal at home with makeO skin (formely skinnsi)! If you have already done your research, you will know exactly what you’re signing up for with laser hair removal. However, there are things to know about post-laser hair removal care too. Read on to find out just what life after laser hair removal will look like!

What to do after Laser Hair removal?

Once your laser hair treatment is completed, your expert or professional will give you a set of post-care instructions to follow. Here are some major things to keep in mind post-treatment:

  • Avoid getting tanned or using tanning lotions
  • Make sure to sign up for your next laser session at least 4-6 weeks after your first session
  • Avoid using skincare products with fragrances
  • Avoid using deodorants and body mists
  • Avoid using body cribs or harsh exfoliators
  • Stay away from hair removal products
  • Use a cold compress to reduce irritation or inflammation
  • Make sure to avoid the sun or use an effective sunscreen

Don’t panic if you see some stubble after the treatment. Stubble represents the dead hair being shed from the hair follicle in your skin. They are supposed to appear within 5-30 days from the treatment date. It is entirely normal, and they will fall out quickly. So, don’t you worry! The process has worked just fine.

Post Laser Hair Removal Care

  • Gently cleanse the treated area. After the treatment, wash the treated area gently with mild soap only if needed. During the first 48 hours, only pat the skin dry instead of rubbing it.
  • Use a cold compress to cool the skin and avoid sensitivity, redness and irritation.
  • Exfoliate the skin to speed up the hair shedding. Hair shedding after laser hair removal is normal to happen between 5-30 days of the treatment, hair shedding may occur. It may appear as new hair growth, but it is not. It’s the dead hair pushing its way out of the hair follicle. You can aid the process by washing with a washcloth or exfoliating cloth and shaving to accelerate the process.

What not to do after Laser Hair removal?

Refrain the itch to use any other hair removal product or method. Avoid picking, scratching, waxing, threading, or tweezing the treatment area after laser hair removal. Other than shaving, do not consider any other hair removal methods after or between your sessions to get the best results from laser hair removal.

Can I shave after Laser Hair removal?

It is very important to shave your skin just before your laser treatment. You can check with your expert if you wish to shave post-treatment. It is generally fine to shave a few hours after laser hair removal. But you must make sure to avoid areas which are red, swollen or sensitive.

Take or Apply Meds as directed

If required your laser hair removal professional will prescribe a steroid cream for any pain or discomfort you face during your post-laser hair removal care. Apply as directed by an expert. You can also take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce inflammation and irritation in the skin.

Protect yourself from the Sun

Make sure to avoid the sun. Direct sun exposure is a bad idea, especially immediately after laser hair removal. Reduce the chance of dark or light spots by avoiding the sun for two months. Also, remember to generously apply sunscreen (SPF 25+) at all times during the treatment period and the following 1-2 months.

Remember that you are unique, and so is your hair growth. Most people experience happiness with no hair after six sessions, resulting in not checking for stubble even. However, it is different for every individual. So be patient, follow the instructions and let the process show its prowess in time!

Do you still have concerns about skincare post-laser hair removal care, or considering to go for it already? Either way, makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser hair removal is here to serve you with an experience that is painless and easy! We use the latest ice-cool technology and a 4 wavelength laser to suit every skin type and hair type while keeping the process pain-free. Book your trial session for laser hair removal today and see the change to believe it!


What should you do after laser hair removal?

Don’t apply make-up or creams with fragrances. Avoid using fragrances or deodorants on your skin for a few days post-treatment. Make sure to cleanse the skin gently and exfoliate once small hair begins to grow. Avoid the sun and tanning in general and do not wax, tweeze or thread the hair.

What not to do after laser hair removal treatment?

Since post-treatment some amount of redness and bumps are normal, it may be tempting to pick or scratch your treated skin. But, refrain from doing so, and if you notice hair growing back don’t wax or thread it. Only shave it for the best results.

Can I shave 2 days after laser hair removal?

2 days might be too soon to shave post a laser hair treatment. Make sure to wait at least 3-5 days and confirm with your laser hair removal expert before shaving your skin. Also, avoid shaving the skin which is red or inflamed.

How long is recovery after laser hair removal?

You will notice redness and swelling for the first few days but it normally takes 1-3 days to entirely recover after a laser hair removal.

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