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Is Hair Waxing Good for Men?

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Hair removal methods of shaving and trimming are common among men for ages. However, in recent years, men waxing their body is becoming a popular norm due to the various benefits and desired hair removal provided by this method. Men are becoming more aware of following a body grooming routine for hair removal, and waxing provides the kind of grooming required to maintain smooth and hair-free skin.

Does it Hurt?

The first thing that pops up in your mind when we say body waxing for men will be the amount of pain you may experience. However, considering the popular belief about waxing being extremely painful and unbearable, you will be surprised to know that it won’t be the case. No doubt body wax for men can be slightly painful, but with a positive mindset and preparation, you will notice that the process is not as painful as you expected it to be. Also, with regular waxing sessions, your skin will get used to the procedure and it will feel much more bearable.

Body Parts Covered in Waxing

Almost all body parts are covered in men’s waxing procedures whether done at home or a clinic. However, if you are getting started with waxing, it is better to start with one area of the body to get used to the waxing process. Here are some common body part that are selected by men for waxing.

Chest: The chest is the main visible part of the body in the front which can grow messy and unwanted hair. Waxing your chest can provide smooth and wonderful-looking skin.

Back & Shoulders: Unwanted and stubborn hair can grow on the back and the top of your shoulders in patches. Waxing your back and shoulders will take away the hassle to manage the hair in these difficult areas.

Face: Believe it or not, being presentable is a required norm in today’s world which gives rise to the need for face wax for men. Men can choose to have a well-maintained face in the long run by waxing areas of around their eyebrows and beard.

Benefits of Body Hair Waxing for Men

Waxing your body hair can provide various benefits. Here are the benefits that you can experience with body wax for men.

Reduced Hair Growth

Although waxing is a temporary hair removal procedure, every time you do a waxing session, the hair will grow out to be much thinner and softer. Also, the hair will grow at a slower pace compared to the usual growth cycle after shaving.

Control Body Odour

If you have a hairy body, you may regularly face the problem of body odour as the hair absorbs sweat and keeps it intact. Waxing removes the hair follicle from the root itself leaving no room for perspiration leading to bad body odour.

Remove Dead Skin Cells

When waxing is performed on your skin, it also removes the dead skin cells present on the top of your skin along with the hair. This purifies the top layer of the skin along with removing hair to give a smooth and shiny finish to your skin.

Improve Skin Health

Waxing may be painful at first, but it can improve your skin health by increasing blood circulation to the top layer of the skin. With regular waxing sessions, your skin will feel rejuvenated with the removal of stubborn and rough hair.

Other Methods of Hair Removal

Shaving: This is the most common and temporary method of hair removal where you have to use a shaving cream and a razor to remove the hair.

Hair Removal Spray: The use of hair removal sprays is on the rise as it provides a quick way to remove all your body hair. All you have to do is apply the hair removal spray on your body, wait for 10 mins and remove the hair through a sponge or spatula.

Laser Hair Removal: This is one of the permanent methods for hair reduction which is an almost painless procedure. Laser hair removal treats the hair follicle from the root and prevents any further hair growth while giving you permanent results.

Waxing can be an effective hair removal procedure whether it is a full body wax for men or men waxing private areas. On the other hand, if you want to experience an almost painless hair removal procedure, then you should check out laser hair removal treatment by makeO skin (formely skinnsi). We use the latest quadruple wavelength technology to remove the finest of hair from your skin. Book your first laser hair removal session with makeO skin (formely skinnsi).


1. Is waxing good for men?

Waxing is an effective hair removal procedure to get smooth and well-groomed skin to let you become more presentable and confident. Waxing removes the hair follicle from the root itself, and with regular sessions, the hair will grow finer and softer.

2. Can guys wax their private area?

Yes, guys can wax their private areas to avoid hair growth and maintain their hygiene. However, you should follow all the pre and post-waxing instructions to make sure you experience a hassle-free process.

3. Is it better to shave or wax for men?

Shaving will only remove the hair from the surface while leading to side effects such as razor burns and skin irritation. Waxing, on the other hand, removes the hair follicle from the root to give you flawless and well-groomed skin.

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