Is it Safe to Remove Unwanted Hair With a Razor?

Is it Safe to Remove Unwanted Hair With a Razor

Shaving is one of the most popular methods of hair removal, preferred by men and women both. All you need is a clean, sharp razor, and you are good to go. While many choose to shave because it is quick, cheap and straightforward, the concept of shaving is always seen as a runner-up when compared to waxing. Let us explore and debunk some of the benefits and misconceptions of using a razor for hair removal here!

Shaving is a process of trimming or removing the top layer of hair that is present on the skin. Since a razor moves laterally on the skin, you will find that your hair is simply trimmed off. The root of the hair still remains intact in the hair follicle which is why it is a painless process, unlike waxing which uproots the hair embedded in the follicle too!

Advantages of Using a Razor for Hair Removal


With only a razor required, shaving is one of the cheapest options for hair removal. There are many hair removal razor for ladies in the market that do the job for cheaper price. Other hair removal methods like hair removal creams, waxing, etc are relatively costlier. Shaving helps you save money from your bi-monthly visits to the salon by a mile!


Since there is no uprooting of hair roots involved, shaving is painless. If you have sensitive skin or a bad pain tolerance, then you know that waxing is not for you. Shaving is an easy way of hair removal as it is painless and convenient to use.


When done carefully, shaving can result in smooth, hair-free skin within minutes and saves time when you are in a hurry.


Depending on your shaving needs, you can also find different types of razors in the market today. From facial hair remover razors to different razors for men and women, you can really choose the kind of shaving equipment that best fits your needs easily.

Disadvantages of Using a Razor for Hair Removal

Ingrown Hair

Shaving can cause ingrown hair. These are dark or red bumps that are difficult to shave as in reality, they are curled-up hair stuck to the skin layer. Ingrown hair can cause infections, inflammation and more.


When you shave too quickly or without being careful, you might cut yourself. Razors are sharp objects that can cause cuts if not handled with care.


When you cut yourself with a razor you are exposing your skin to infections. Did you know that even using someone else’s razor or an old rusty razor can cause infections? Hence it is important to switch up your razor every few weeks and clean them before and after use.

Dry skin and Irritation

If you don’t use shaving cream and a post-shave aloe gel or moisturising lotion, shaving can cause dry skin and irritation too. So make sure to avoid hot water, walking in the sun and using scented products near your shaved regions as this may cause irritation. If you are using a women's face shaver, be extra careful as the face is the most sensitive region!

Pro tip: Choosing a special hair removal razor for ladies with moisturizing gels in them can help fight some dry skin and irritation too!

Myths of Shaving Hair with Razor

Hair grows back faster

Your hair does not grow back faster if you shave. While waxing uproots the hair, shaving only trims it, hence regrowth can seem quicker, however, this speed is not unnatural.

Hair grows back thicker

Hair does not grow back thicker if you shave! In fact, the growth of your hair is not dependent on any external factors. It’s all about genes!

Other Alternatives for Hair Removal

If you are looking for options besides hair removal blades, then you can try depilatory creams, epilators, waxing and more. There are alternatives to facial hair remover razors too! You can try hair removal creams for facial hair, face wax and face epilation too! For a more permanent hair removal method though, we recommend the makeO skinnsi changed to makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser hair reduction.

makeO skinnsi changed to makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser hair reduction is a laser hair removal process that uses the latest 4 wavelength ice cool technology to permanently reduce hair growth and give you smooth, hair-free skin! Explore EMI options for this procedure starting at Rs. 2300/month!


Is it good to remove facial hair with a razor?

Yes, shaving your face is entirely safe. Some of the best facial razors for women are available today that can easily help you maintain a hair-free face. Just make sure to use shaving cream and a soothing moisturiser post-shave!

Is it safe to use razors in the pubic area?

Razors can be used to remove unwanted hair on your private parts. Make sure to practice caution during shaving and use shaving cream before and a soothing gel afterwards.

Is it OK for females to shave their faces?

Yes. It is quite alright if you choose to shave your face. Facial hair removal razor for ladies is extremely popular and easy to use, however, there is a risk of ingrown hair, irritation, inflammation, acne, cuts and redness.

Should I wax or shave my face?

Face shaving is known to produce better results. But, for long-lasting results, choose a laser hair removal treatment like makeO skinnsi changed to makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser hair reduction.

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