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How Does A Moisturiser Work for Skin?

how moisturiser works | makeO skinnsi

You might be going around your day, travelling, working, and sleeping without a care about your skin. And then suddenly, one day you look at yourself and your skin seems duller and drier! We’ve all been there. But, what can you do now? That’s easy, your first step is to use a moisturiser.

Moisturisers have long been one of the most popular skincare products. Essentially creams or lotions, today moisturisers have spread out into different types and contain a wide variety of ingredients to enhance your skin and make it appear healthier.

Here's how moisturiser works for your skin

Moisturisers are skincare products that consist mainly of water, fragrance and hydrating elements like humectants along with nourishing agents like emollients, occlusives and protein rejuvenators. They also contain antioxidants, vitamins, emulsifiers and preservatives. These ingredients not only allow the skin to gain water from moisture in the environment and the deeper layers of the skin, but they also create a barrier on the skin to keep the moisture locked.

In this way, moisturisers bring back moisture to the skin, repair the skin barrier and hence help in fighting the dullness and dryness of the skin. The occlusives and emollients are known to heal dryness, scaling and peeling of the skin and they also improve the overall skin texture by filling in unevenness and gaps. With regular usage, moisturisers create a wall between environmental factors and the skin so it remains untouched, hydrated and nourished at all times.

Other benefits of moisturising the face

Along with skin barrier repair, hydration and nourishment, there are many other moisturiser benefits for skin that you should know about.

1. Evens out skin tone

Many ingredients like vitamin C, kojic acid, hyaluronic acid etc., present in moisturisers today are responsible for fighting pigmentation and hyperpigmentation to even out the skin tone.

2. Fights acne

You might think that applying moisturiser on acne-prone skin might make it worse. But in reality, not applying a moisturiser can incite your skin to overproduce sebum which can lead to clogged pores and more acne. So, one of the best ways to fight acne is to use a moisturiser!

3. Brightens and smoothens

Ingredients like vitamin C, glycolic acid, retinol etc., are responsible for lightening dark spots, fighting dull skin and brightening your face. Using a moisturiser with these ingredients regularly can surely bring back the brightness, smoothness and glow on your face.

4. Soothe sensitivity

Due to the presence of calming ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, chamomile, green tea extracts etc. in moisturisers, your skin can be soothed. Many moisturisers today can effectively calm sensitive skin, reduce redness, and heal cracked and rough skin.

5. Slowing the signs of ageing

Did you know that dehydration and sun damage are some of the most significant reasons for the appearance of signs of ageing? A moisturiser protects the skin from the sun by forming an outer layer and brings moisture back to the skin. And this is how it can slow down the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin!

Of course, since there are many moisturisers out there, it can be very difficult to pick one, however, now that you have understood how moisturisers work, you can easily pick out the best one for you based on their ingredient list and your skin type.

Our recommendation? makeO skin (formely skinnsi) happy hydrate ceramide face moisturiser. Not only does it contain great ingredients like shea butter, petrolatum and squalene to nourish and hydrate the skin, but this clinically backed moisturiser is also vegan, cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals. Suitable for all skin types, the happy hydrate ceramide face moisturiser promises fresh, supple and smooth skin within a few uses! Check out more product details on our website!


How does a moisturiser work?

There are many benefits of using a moisturiser. How moisturiser works is by hydrating the skin and repairing the skin barrier by creating a seal between the moisture present on the skin and the environment. These creams help rejuvenate dry and dull skin and bring brightness and smooth quality to the skin texture.

How do you know if a moisturiser is working?

You can actually see how moisturiser works by tracking your skin health. You will see visible results of plump, healthy and glowing skin if your moisturiser is working well on you. If you notice an overproduction of oil, redness or a burning sensation, it might mean that the moisturiser you chose is not well suited for you.

Does moisturiser really help skin?

Yes, by bringing moisture and locking it in the skin’s outermost surface, moisturisers do help the skin feel and appear healthier and happier.

What is the correct way to apply moisturiser?

Always apply a moisturiser after cleansing your face. This way your face is clean and devoid of oil or dirt so it can soak up the nourishing and hydrating ingredients of the moisturiser. Also, applying a moisturiser after a toner helps keep the face damp before application, which is the right way to apply it to take advantage of all the benefits of skin moisturiser.

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