Why Must You Add Glycolic Acid to Your Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine?

Glycolic acid benefits for skin

Glycolic acid is a key ingredient that is today used to treat acne hyperpigmentation and early signs of skin ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. It is a chemical exfoliant that when used correctly boosts your collagen production and leaves your skin feeling well-hydrated, replenished and rejuvenated like never before.

Intrigued by this potent skincare ingredient and want to know everything about it - its benefits, properties, side effects and how to use it the right way? You wish - We deliver. Here is a detailed blog that will tell you everything you need to know about glycolic acid.

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that is found in sugarcane and beetroot. Today, you will find this ingredient in topical creams, moisturisers, serums, mists and cleansers.

The best part about this compound is that it has the smallest molecular weight of any alpha-hydroxy acid. What does this mean? This means that it can easily penetrate deep into your skin and work its magic.

Properties of Glycolic Acid

1. Anti-ageing

Did you know that glycolic acid for skin can reduce sun damage which contributes majorly to premature skin ageing? It is also known to boost collagen production in your skin which improves your skin’s elasticity and makes your skin look and feel youthful.

2. Anti-bacterial

Glycolic acid can stop the growth of bacteria and hence it can be used as an antibacterial skin care product.

3. Exfoliative

Glycolic acid can remove the outermost layer of your skin by dissolving dead skin cells and oils. The best thing about this powerful ingredient is that it doesn’t require harsh scrubbing to effectively exfoliate your skin.

4. Humectant

Glycolic acid draws water to your skin. It is a humectant, which means this compound can attract and bind water to skin cells. Hence, a glycolic acid skincare product helps to reduce moisture loss in your skin and keep your skin hydrated.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid for Skin

Wondering what are some of the glycolic acid benefits for skin? Here are some amazing benefits of including this ingredient in your anti-ageing beauty regime.

1. Fights acne

Many chemical peels today have glycolic acid which is known to treat many types of acne. Glycolic acid encourages the shedding and peeling of the dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin which in turn prevents clogging of pores which happens to be one of the major causes of acne.

2. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Glycolic acid stimulates collagen production and improves the quality of elastin in your skin, both of which are responsible for making your skin look and feel youthful and radiant.

3. Combats sun damage

Glycolic acid protects your skin against UVB rays and combats sun damage. We all know that sun damage plays a major role in premature skin ageing. Hence, glycolic acid skincare products can fight ageing by protecting your skin from harsh UV rays.

Side Effects of Glycolic Acid

Just like any other skincare ingredient, glycolic acid is not for all. Some people might experience certain side effects after using it. Here are some known side effects of glycolic acid that you must know:

  1. Redness
  2. Skin irritation or burning
  3. Itching
  4. Swelling

We recommend you stop using the product and immediately see your dermatologist if you experience any of these above side effects.

How to use it?

Want to know the right way to incorporate glycolic acid into your skincare ritual? Here are some handy tips that will help you make the most out of this powerful skincare ingredient.

  1. You must always perform a patch test before you use any product containing glycolic acid for the first time.
  2. Use it as instructed at the back of the product or by your dermatologist. Remember to start slowly. Don’t overdo it and test the water before you increase the dose of glycolic acid in your daily skincare regime.
  3. Don’t use too many products containing glycolic acid all at once. We recommend you use only one product containing glycolic acid at any given point.
  4. Glycolic acid may make your skin more sensitive and cause sunburn. Hence, you must use this ingredient at night time.
  5. Avoid using glycolic acid at the same time as other active ingredients like retinol for safety precautions.

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What are some forms in which you can add glycolic acid into your skincare regime?

You can shop for moisturisers, serums, face masks, cleansers, toners and face mists which contain glycolic acid.

Is it okay to use glycolic acid every day?

Yes, it is okay to use glycolic acid as long as you use the quality as directed by your dermatologist. For someone new to chemical exfoliants, it is best to take it slow and use this ingredient a couple of times a week rather than using it every single day.

Does glycolic acid remove dark spots?

Yes, glycolic acid is known to remove dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This will make your skin instantly appear brighter and smoother.

Which skin is suitable for glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is recommended for people who have normal, combination and oily skin type. On the other hand, people who have dry and highly sensitive skin types must steer clear of this potent ingredient as this can cause skin irritation for them.

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