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If you're passionate about maintaining that radiant glow on your face, you would certainly agree that self-care is far from just being a buzzword; it's a lifestyle, an essential part of our everyday lives. And in the realm of skincare, one product that's seen a meteoric rise in popularity, especially in India, is the sheet mask.

Sheet masks are beauty essentials soaked in serum-rich solutions. They are used as an added step in your skincare regimen to provide your skin with an extra layer of nourishment. Acting like a mini facial at home, sheet masks offer a range of benefits from hydrating your skin to brightening your complexion and reducing the appearance of fine lines. With targeted ingredients to address specific skin concerns, these masks work their magic within 15-20 minutes, providing an intense boost of essential nutrients and hydration to your skin.

And while makeO skin(formely skinnsi) sheet masks are incredibly beneficial and straightforward to use, many are still unsure about how to apply face masks correctly. This article is here to dispel your doubts and guide you on how to use sheet masks the right way.

Sheet Masking Do's to Keep in Mind

1. Do Cleanse Your Face First

A golden rule before you start with any skincare routine is to cleanse your face. Before applying your sheet mask, make sure your skin is free from makeup or dirt that could hinder the mask's effectiveness.

2. Do Apply the Mask Correctly

The question of how to apply a face mask often arises. Always remember to gently unfold the mask, align it with your facial features, and then pat it down for a perfect fit.

3. Do Leave the Mask on for the Recommended Time

One common question is, "How long to use a face mask sheet?" The answer usually lies in the packet. Most makeO skin(formely skinnsi) sheet masks require 15-20 minutes for optimal results.

4. Do Use the Sheet Mask at Night

You might wonder how to use a sheet mask at night or if you should use one then at all! Well, your skin heals and rejuvenates during sleep, so using a sheet mask before bed can help your skin absorb the mask's goodness effectively.

Sheet Masking Don'ts to Remember

1. Don't Use the Mask for Too Long

Overdoing it is a big no-no. Leaving your sheet mask on for more than the recommended time can actually dry out your skin. It can also leave your skin feeling tight and itchy.

2. Don't Wash Your Face Immediately After

Resist the urge to wash your face right after removing the mask. Let the leftover serum soak into your skin. Especially avoid washing your face with a face wash as it will remove all the goodness of the serums from your skin.

3. Don't Ignore Your Neck

Often, we forget about our necks while focusing on our faces. Remember to apply the excess serum from the mask onto your neck for an all-around glow.

4. Don’t reuse a sheet mask

A sheet mask, once used, should be disposed of. Using the same sheet mask again might not be very hydrating or hygienic. You may also run the risk of having an infection or breakout by reusing them!

Choose Your Favourite Sheet Masks from makeO skin(formely skinnsi)

Now that we've cleared the confusion on how to apply a sheet mask and other related queries, why not explore the range of makeO skin(formely skinnsi) sheet masks? With a variety of options, these masks cater to different skin types and concerns. They are easy to use and help you to maintain your skin health consistently.

Use our Enrich Expert Aloe Vera Sheet Mask for hydration, our Enrich Expert Charcoal Extract Sheet Mask for acne and oil control and Enrich Expert Vitamin C sheet Mask for glowing and beautiful skin! Each of these sheet masks is friendly for all skin types and made with gentle science-backed ingredients to give your skin the care it deserves!

In short, sheet masks are an excellent addition to any skincare routine. By following these simple do's and don'ts, you can maximise their benefits and enjoy a refreshing skin care experience. Don't forget to experiment and find your favourite makeO skin(formely skinnsi) sheet masks!


How to use a sheet mask?

Cleanse your face, unfold the mask, align it on your face, pat it down, leave it on for the recommended time, and remove gently.

How to apply a face mask?

Start by cleaning your face. Unfold the mask and align it with your facial features. Gently pat it down for a snug fit.

How to use a sheet mask at night?

Cleanse your face, apply the sheet mask, leave it on for the recommended time, and then go to bed allowing the remaining serum to be absorbed into the skin.

Is it compulsory to wash your face after a sheet mask?

You must wash your face before applying a sheet mask. Once done, you can simply let your skin rest so that it can absorb all the goodness of the mask without the influence of water and soap.

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