Does Sweat Cause Pimples? All You Need To Know About Sweat Pimples


Acne is an endless battle that our skin fights. From teenagers to fully grown adults, acne plagues thousands of people all around the world. Caused mainly due to hormonal imbalances and excess oil production in the skin, acne does have some other internal and external factors that can exacerbate it. This includes diet, stress, sleep and maybe, even exercise! Yes, even your daily workouts might have an effect on your breakouts!

In this article we will try to understand sweat pimples and if exercise can really help or worsen acne!

Does exercise help with acne?

While not many conclusive studies have been done to prove that exercise helps with acne, dermatologists often advise people suffering from acne to maintain a healthy diet and be active. Sweating is generally known to help remove toxins from the body, so many people can be benefitted from exercising regularly to keep their skin free of toxins, oil and dirt, and hence, pimples from sweat!

Can working out cause acne?

According to skin experts, the result exercise and sweat can have on acne is different for different people. Some might find their acne clearing up with regular exercise, but for another group of people, it can be very likely that sweating worsens acne! So, does sweat cause pimples? Yes, sometimes.

The two main reasons for this are:

  • Exercise can increase the sweat, oil and bacteria present on the skin. When left unclean, this can clog pores and result in new breakouts.
  • Exercising regularly often means consuming fitness or health supplements. Sometimes these supplements contain an excess of testosterone, which can cause hormonal imbalances and sweat pimples.

Skincare tips to follow before and after a workout

Now, the best way to navigate and heal your pimples from sweat is by following a set of strict skin care tips. There are some things you should avoid and a few products and practises you can imbibe before and after your workout to ensure that you don’t have painful pimples on forehead and other areas while you try to stay fit.

Before a workout

  • Always cleanse your face with a gentle, hydrating cleanser. Make sure to avoid oil-based cleansers and choose foam-based or gel-based cleansers instead.
  • Since your workout will drain you and have your skin dehydrated, you need to use a moisturiser to help your skin retain enough moisture and remain soft. Look for a non-greasy and light moisturiser that feels airy and comfortable on your skin.
  • Never miss SPF before working out. Not only does SPF protect your skin from sun damage, it also forms a layer of moisture on your skin ensuring it stays plump and nourished.

After a workout

  • Use a medicated wash to wash your face and body after a workout. It helps to shower within 20 minutes after working out to ensure that your sweat and toxins don’t linger on your skin and cause acne flare-ups.
  • Use clean towels and microfiber clothes to dry yourself.
  • Choose athleisure that are airy and sweat-proof so that your skin does not hold too much sweat on your body.
  • Once you are showered and dried, only then use important spot treatments like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide etc.

All in all, while exercise may not cause pimples for everybody, many do suffer from pimples from sweat. So if you are someone who does, always remember that the key to keeping your skin free of sweat pimples is by maintaining good hygiene, following a skincare routine, using clean clothes and towels, and choosing light, non-comedogenic ingredients on your skin.

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How do you get rid of sweat pimples?

You can get rid of sweat pimples by making sure to keep your face clean at all times.

  • Wash your face 2 times a day using a gentle yet effective cleanser.
  • Use a soft microfibre cloth to pat dry your face and avoid rubbing.
  • Avoid staying in dirty or sweaty clothes and always shower after a workout to avoid sweat pimples, itching and rashes
  • Have a simple skincare routine and follow it regularly.

What do sweat pimples look like?

Sweat pimples can look like regular blisters or pimples. They can be itchy and inflamed with redness surrounding them.

When do sweat pimples go away?

Exercising a lot can lead to the collection of sweat in many areas of the body which in turn causes sweat pimples. These can take anywhere between a few days to six weeks to heal entirely.

How do you get rid of heat pimples naturally?

Avoid hot beverages and foods, stick to naturally cooling foods and drinks like cucumber, lemon, aloe vera etc. Use tea tree oil to spot treat pimples or make face masks with honey, apple cider vinegar, turmeric powder etc to fight heat pimples naturally at home.

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