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Is Laser Hair Removal Only for Women? Can Men Opt for It?


Times have changed and so has the definition of what it means to take care of your body. It was only women who used to follow hair removal routines in the past. However, today even men opt for hair removal services. Let's take a look at one such hair removal option for men.

Can Men Opt For Laser Hair Removal?

Gone are the days when having a good amount of hair meant you are manly enough. If you choose to embrace your body hair then kudos to you. But if you are from the lot who choose to get rid of the same hair, well that’s also a valid preference. Since it's your body, the choice to have hair or not should be yours too. Body hair removal for men as a service has seen a significant rise in the past few years. Various methods such as shaving, threading and waxing can be applied for men’s hair removal too. In a similar way, laser hair removal is something that men can opt for as well.

Laser Treatment for Hair Reduction

Today, men too are in the same boat as women who are tired of the regular upkeep that comes with hair removal. Hence, laser hair reduction is gaining more and more popularity. But what is laser hair reduction and how does it work for men? Laser hair removal for men is the same as it is for women. Using laser light technology, your hair follicles and hair roots are targeted with energy. This energy destroys the root and hair follicles thereby reducing your hair growth.

makeO skin (formely skinnsi) offers convenient at-home laser hair reduction services for anybody who wants to get rid of unwanted hair. The 4 wavelength ice cool technology used by makeO skin (formely skinnsi) pros makes the procedure comfortable and painless. Say bye to painful hair removal methods and ingrown hair.

Laser Hair Reduction Can be Done On Which Body Part?

Laser hair reduction can be done on any part of the body except for the eyelids. Some of the most preferred sections for laser hair removal for men are

Men’s facial hair removal is also possible through laser hair reduction. If you are someone who is conscious about their chest hair then you can opt for chest hair removal for men through laser technology. makeO skin (formely skinnsi) offers a full body and specific area laser hair reduction service. Here you can choose whether you want to go for a full body or just remove unwanted hair from a specific body part. The full-body laser hair reduction package covers your back, chest, chin, face, hands, legs, stomach, underarms, and groin. You get expert dermatologist supervision throughout your treatment and the procedure is painless with ice-cool laser technology. You can opt for makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser hair reduction services at Rs 2,300 EMI per month.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

Razor burns, post-wax breakouts, and ingrown hair are just a few annoying after-effects of traditional hair removal methods. You can choose to remove your hair with a zap or two with laser technology. Below listed are some benefits of permanent hair removal for men with laser technology:

Never Having To Shave Again

One of the most obvious benefits of laser hair removal for men is the freedom from regular shaving and razor burns. No longer having to maintain your hair lets you save time and money.

No Ingrown Hair

As laser hair removal targets the hair follicles directly, no hair roots mean no ingrown hair. Every time you shave there are chances you might get ingrown hair. These include painful bumps on the chest, back, neck, and groin.

Better Intimate Hygiene

Well, it's not a secret that shaving your groin is tricky. With laser hair removal you can be free of this hassle and also maintain intimate hygiene effectively.

Reduced Chafing

If you are an athlete or you work out a lot, chances are that your body goes through chafing or friction caused by excess hair in parts such as the inner thighs and underarms. Laser hair removal for men can be the best option to get rid of chafing.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get rid of unwanted hair on your body and feel more confident then book a patch test with your dermatologist today!

Laser Hair Removal For Men: Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser hair removal suitable for men?

Yes. Laser hair removal is suitable for men with the most preferred areas such as the back, chest, stomach, and groin.

Does laser hair removal work on hairy men?

Yes. Laser hair reduction can effectively reduce the range of hairiness on your body. Moreover, laser hair reduction destroys the root of the hair thereby delaying the growth for a long time.

How long does male laser hair removal last?

The efficacy of laser hair removal for men depends on various factors such as the area that is being treated, the thickness of the hair, the density of the hair, hormones and more.

How painful is laser hair removal for men?

One of the most commonly asked questions, laser hair removal for men is not painful. makeO skin (formely skinnsi) offers ice-cool technology which makes the procedure painless for you. You might feel a slight stinging sensation and nothing more.

What is the best way to remove male body hair?

If you are tired of regular shaving and waxing, laser hair reduction is an ideal choice to remove male body hair.

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