A Guide to Perfecting Body Polishing At Home

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Whether you are a would-be bride, or groom, or just a skincare enthusiast who is looking to get a full-body glow, body polishing is what you must consider trying.

While generally body polishing is done at spas, you can also get a derma polishing treatment at home with makeO skinnsi. You will be glad to know that you can get full body polishing without spending a fortune at makeO skinnsi.

Here is a complete guide that will tell you everything you must know about this treatment.

Is Body Polishing at Home Beneficial for Your Skin?

People have a misconception that body polishing is a luxury that can be skipped. However, the truth is that getting a body polishing treatment once in a while is important as it helps to get rid of impurities like dead skin cells, dirt, dust, and sweat from your body.

Typically, a body polishing treatment is done by a professional who will use a cream or a body scrub to thoroughly scrub and exfoliate your skin.

Stepwise Procedure for Body Polishing at Home

If you have decided to go the DIY route, then you will require a pumice stone, loofah, a DIY body polishing at home scrub, and some olive oil or coconut oil.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide that will help you become a pro at carrying out a relaxing body polishing session at your abode.

  • Take a nice shower or bath with lukewarm water so that your skin is clean.

  • Heat some coconut or olive oil and nicely massage it on your body. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes so that your skin nicely absorbs the oil.

  • After 20 minutes, take the DIY body polish that you have prepared and nicely rub it on your skin with a loofah. Make sure that you scrub in a circular motion as it will help in improving your blood circulation and removing all the dead skin cells.

  • You can consider using a pumice stone for your elbows and knees.

  • After this, take a relaxing long bath.

Home Remedies To Make the DIY Body Polish

Here are a few simple yet effective body polishing at home ideas and ingredients that you can try out to get soft and supple skin.

Sugar, Honey, and Jojoba Oil

While jojoba oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, sugar is a great exfoliator and honey acts as a moisturising and hydrating ingredient. This body polish is easy to make as you simply need to blend these ingredients in a jar and use it for your DIY body polishing at home session.

Sugar, Almond, and Strawberry Scrub

Blend some strawberries and sugar in a mixer and add some almond oil to it. This body polishing scrub will make your skin look fresh and glowing in no time.

Oatmeal and Grape Seed Oil

Add a cup of oatmeal powder and a few teaspoons of grapeseed oil in a bowl and mix them well. You can also add sea salt to make this exfoliating scrub even more effective. Grapeseed oil is packed with the goodness of Vitamins C, D, and E, and oatmeal acts as a great exfoliator, making this body scrub a must-try.

Want to pamper yourself before your big day? Why not choose makeO skinnsi’s at- home derma polishing treatment? You can now give your body a glow-up from the convenience of your home.

Our therapists are trained by expert dermatologists so you can enjoy your body polishing session knowing that you are in safe hands and our makeO skinnsi pros will carry out the correct procedure and will help you achieve radiant and smooth skin in no time.


Is body polishing at home good for your skin?

Body polishing at home is indeed beneficial for your skin as it not only cleanses your skin but also exfoliates and hydrates your skin.

What are the benefits of body polishing?

Body polishing helps to improve blood circulation and makes your skin smooth, supple, and glowing.

What to keep in mind after you do body polishing at home?

Avoid using soap immediately after you do body polishing at home as it will make your skin dry and rough.

Which oils are great for preparing a body polishing scrub?

You can use grape seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil to make your DIY body polishing scrub at home.

What are some DIY body polishing at home ingredients?

Coffee and sugar, sugar and olive oil, baking soda mixed with lime and coconut oil, sea salt, and Vitamin E are some of the popular DIY body polishing at home ingredients that you must know.

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