7 Amazing International Women's Day Activities For A Memorable Celebration

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International Women’s Day is reserved to bring awareness on women-related issues such as reproductive rights, gender equality, equal pay and more. Organisations and communities both come together on this day to not only celebrate women and their achievements but to also highlight the issues that plague them and try to bring about change.

If your community or organisation is looking to celebrate International Women’s Day in a memorable way, then here are 7 ideas to celebrate women's day that could help you out:

How to Celebrate Women's Day?

1. Women's Day Theme Discussion Panels

Inviting women thought leaders and change-makers to discuss one of the women’s issues in front of an audience of impressionable young women can be a great way to bring awareness, knowledge and change.

2. Empowering rural women in India

By organising donation drives, workshops and more for rural women in India, you and your community can be responsible for lifting up a group of women. Interacting with them, hearing their woes and finding solutions for their problems can also be a great way to improve their lives and give them the chance to live a better life!

3. Women's Day Theme for Your Book club

If your community is into reading or you are part of a book club, you can host a month where the book club members only read and discuss women authors. This is a great way to not only discover some great authors but also support them by buying their books and making them popular through discourse.

4. Self-care time!

One of the best ways of showing women in your community or organisation appreciation is by organising a self-care day for them. This can include derma facials, skin care routines and more. These can give women a few hours to relax and rejuvenate their tired skin. makeO skin (formely skinnsi) offers a wide range of facial treatments like hydrafacial, anti-ageing facial, oil control facial and more. For the perfect pamper session for the women in your life, choose self-care!

5. Organise workshops to empower women

Empowering women means providing knowledge, and opportunities and treating them as equals to men. You can encourage women's empowerment on this International Women’s day by organising workshops on several topics and activities to encourage women to take these up and become self-sufficient. Such workshops could greatly affect young girls and teenage girls too.

6. Celebrate women leaders and highlight women leadership

Representation of women in top management matters and this is a serious discussion with numerous biases and views. One of the best women's day celebration ideas in office is to celebrate the women leaders in your industry or company, discuss their work, hardships and inspire other women employees to forge their path in the corporate world.

7. Hold a talk on the intersectionality of women’s issues with other pressing issues

The issue of menstruation and hygiene in rural India is not only a women’s issue but also a healthcare issue and the stigma around it is a social one. Similarly, many women’s issues intersect with other pressing problems like global warming, covid-19, it is important to discuss these intricacies and inform young and old women of the breadth of the issue. This could spark discussion, debate and action too!

While all of these ideas to celebrate women's day are sure to make the event wonderful, something light, appreciative and memorable activities for women's day is self-care time or skincare. It gives women a chance to sit back, breathe and reflect on their progress as they stop to take care of themselves.

Pampering the most underrated organ, the skin, can brighten their appearance and revive their aura too. At makeO skin (formely skinnsi), we offer a selection of services for the perfect makeOver. These include laser hair reduction for the whole body or particular body parts, dermafacial treatments for oily skin, ageing skin, dry skin and more. These are perfect for women looking for a quick facial to energise their skin and make it feel ultra-hydrated, youthful and plump.

Women's day celebration ideas in office are often incomplete without a gift. If you are looking for suitable women’s day gift ideas, you can choose from a variety of effective and high-quality skincare products from makeO skin (formely skinnsi) like the enrich expert vitamin c sheet mask, ace ageless potent serum, enrich expert charcoal extract sheet mask and more. We’re also running an exclusive offer of up to 30% discount on laser hair reduction along with a free hydrafacial worth Rs.4,000. Run, don’t walk to claim it, as the offer is only valid from 3rd-15th March!

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