Moisturiser for Men: Here are 7 reason why its important

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Moisturisers have been around for decades and we’ve heard advertisements, skincare enthusiasts and dermatologists stressing the importance of moisturising our skin. But many times, this has fallen on deaf ears of men around the world.

Since the beauty industry heavily targets women, men often forget that their skin too requires care and nourishment. Be it a sportsperson or a coder, every kind of man must indulge in a few essential skincare steps like moisturisation to maintain their skin and keep it happy. Here are 7 major reasons why men should use a moisturiser daily.

7 Reasons Why Men Should Moisturise Daily

1. To fight dry skin

When you have a bath or wash your face, the skin is stripped of its natural oils and moisture which can make the skin dry. This dry skin can cause itchiness, scaling and peeling of the skin too. Men often face this as they skip moisturiser and only resort to face washes for their skincare. Moisturiser for men can replenish the moisture on the skin and prevent dryness and scaling. It can also give your skin a youthful and healthy look too!

2. To balance the pH of the skin

As our skin interacts with environmental factors such as sun and smoke and bodily factors such as tears and sweat, the pH level of the skin keeps changing and being affected. A good men’s moisturiser can help balance out the pH of the skin and keep it neutral. This helps prevent irritation and inflammation too.

3. To soothe the skin post-shave

Since men regularly use trimmers and razors on their faces, their skin is bound to feel irritation, razor burns, cuts and more every week. The best way to soothe this is to apply a gentle and calming moisturiser for men. Of course, it is important to choose a cream with no alcohol or fragrance to avoid stinging and increase the healing and softening effect.

4. To fight signs of ageing

Ageing is a natural process which cannot be stopped but the usage of a good men's moisturiser can surely delay the process. Many moisturisers for men today contain several anti-ageing ingredients like retinol which can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and boost collagen production too. So, if you’re wondering how to reduce your wrinkles, then make sure to buy yourself an effective anti-ageing moisturiser today!

5. To prevent acne and blemishes

Did you know that even people with acne and oily skin need a certain amount of moisturisation every day? It might seem unlikely, but thinner, lighter and gel-based forms of moisturisers are very helpful in keeping oily skin hydrated and acne at bay. If you’re a guy suffering from acne, be sure to look out for ingredients like niacinamide, salicylic acid, lactic acid and vitamin C to fight acne, improve your skin texture and increase the brightness of your skin.

6. To fight pigmentation

Pigmentation is a skin disease where dark spots and discolouration appear on some parts of the skin. The best moisturisers for men generally contain ingredients like Vitamin C, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid which are popularly known to fight uneven skin tone and unleash the skin’s inner brightness.

7. To prevent many skin disorders

Without the use of a men's moisturiser cream, their skin is constantly unprotected against environmental factors such as the weather, humidity, UV rays, pollution, water etc. These have the potential of causing skin issues like tanning, sunspots, signs of ageing, dryness, inflammation, acne and more. A moisturiser not only nourishes the skin but also acts as a topmost layer of protection against these factors and helps keep our skin safe.

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Is moisturiser good for men?

Yes, moisturisers are not only safe but in fact essential for all men to use to soften and nourish their skin. Using a daily moisturiser for men is a good way of improving skin texture, fighting skin issues and achieving healthy skin.

Should men moisturise daily?

Yes, just like women, men’s skin needs just as much nourishment hence they too need to moisturise their skin every day to keep it healthy and glowing.

How do men apply moisturiser?

Men can apply a moisturiser after a shower. Using a skin cream for men once in the day and once at night before sleeping is a good way of practising good skincare.

Should men moisturise before bed?

Yes, men should moisturise their faces before bed to ensure softer and smoother skin the next morning. Doing this daily will give drastic results in no time!

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