toothsi electro i6 smart electric toothbrush - Aquatic Blue

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Our 3-mode toothbrush provides up to 43000 strokes/mins to elevate your brushing experience from ordinary to smart with its SONIC power. It comes with three modes - Regular, Soft, and Massage - to provide thorough cleaning and care in equal measure. Its ergonomic design ensures that your oral health is as easy as it is effective.

smart timer
enamel safe
travel friendly
IPX7 waterproof
ergonomic design
easy to use

product details

  • Sonic technology: Its 32000-43000 vibrations (or strokes) per minute helps in whisking away all the plaque, germs & bacteria from the mouth!
  • Dupont soft bristles: Harsh on plaque, soft on gums and teeth. It reaches hidden areas of your teeth and mouth to clean effectively. 
  • Super-smart features: Optimizes your daily brushing experience to the next level with its 3 smart brushing modes and dentist-approved 2-minutes integrated smart timer. The smart timer also has pulses that give you a movement reminder every 30 seconds to switch between the quadrants inside the mouth.
  • Battery Life : One battery can last up to 45 days, the brush can be powered by laptop, phone and power bank too
  • Smart brushing : It goes beyond the regular brushing technique with its automatic and Sonic Technology targeted cleaning to ensure you brush easier & smarter. 
  • IPX7 waterproof design: So you can use it in the shower too!
  • 5X plaque reduction : With its 5X plaque reduction compared to a manual toothbrush, you don’t have to worry about the hidden plaque with this smart toothbrush.
  • Sleek, stylish, User-friendly smart toothbrush: It is easy to use, ergonomic (easy to hold) and extremely sleek and stylish looking travel-friendly smart brush designed to elevate your brushing experience. Is it a pen, is it a brush!
  • Value for money : An electric toothbrush for the smart generation to kick start their smart brushing journey. Also, your switch to smart brushing need not be heavy on the pockets!

how to use

1. Attach the toothbrush head on the shaft. There'll be a small gap between the head and the handle.

2. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and with gentle pressure, move it in a tilted manner - in back-and-forth direction, for 2 minutes.

3. A beep every 30 seconds will remind you to change the side of brushing, helping you cover each area of your mouth thoroughly. The 2-minute auto timer will turn off when the brushing time is over. (You can switch it off by long pressing the power button.)

4. After use, rinse the toothbrush head and keep it upright. 5. Recharge the toothbrush when it starts giving lesser vibrations, or whenever needed.

contents, ingredients

  • 2 Brush head
  • Handle
  • USB cable