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If you need help with removing your aligners, reach out for the retriever. They come in a pair. This handy tool has a specially-designed hook to remove your retainers/aligners with ease. Order now and get this product delivered within 7-10 working days. Price is inclusive of all taxes.

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For anyone and everyone who are using toothsi aligners

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A pair of aligner retriever


Protects your aligners from getting damaged while removing

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Start from the back along your gum line on both sides. Slowly work your way to the front and gently pull them off your teeth.

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1 pair of aligner retriever

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What is an aligner retriever?

If we’re talking about aligner retrievers, we need to talk about clear aligners first. They are a technologically advanced smile makeover treatment solution, ensuring that you have a seamless and pain-free teeth-straightening experience. 


Clear aligners also known as dental aligners, are the most popular orthodontic treatment nowadays as they give the same results efficiently and in a faster way. They apply gentle pressure on your teeth and move them closer to the required position. While traditional methods can often bruise your cheeks and tongue in the process, clear aligners, which are a transparent set of smooth plastic trays, do not pose any such discomfort to the wearer. 


However invisible aligners can often be rather snug or tight, especially during the first few days of wear, and it may become difficult for you to remove them. Some customers have mentioned even breaking their fingernails in extreme cases. But now aligner removal has been made so much easier with the invention of a molded, plastic alternative, much like a darning needle called the aligner remover. This aligner removal tool is a simple, hands-free tool designed to conveniently remove aligners or retainers. It is made with food-grade materials that are BPA-free and phthalate-free and has a specially designed hook to help in aligner removal.

The customer can remove aligners or retainers from their teeth easily, efficiently, and in a hygienic manner using the clear aligner removal tool keeping germs and viruses away from your mouth. The aligner remover is small enough to store in an appliance case or on a keychain with the hole provided.

Clear aligner remover’s ergonomic handle has a specially-designed hook to remove your retainers/aligners with ease.

toothsi’s aligner remover is the best aligner removal tool as it is designed keeping your comfort in mind and seamlessly removes all kinds of retainers and aligners. It also helps to remove orthodontic elastic bands, snap-on veneers, whitening trays, and dentures.

How to remove aligners?

When you try to remove your clear aligner, does it seem like it's stuck to your teeth? Do you spend more time in the bathroom than you expected because you can't manage to get your aligner tray out before your meal? 

If you’re caught in any of the above situations, don’t panic. Aligners are designed to be worn all day and night, but they must be removed when users eat, floss, or brush their teeth. Because of the fit of the aligners, it can at times be difficult to remove them throughout the day. You may find it tricky to remove the aligner at first, but fret not; it will get easier with time. It can be difficult and unhygienic to remove the aligner with your finger. A clear aligner removal tool, makes it simple and painless to remove the aligners without breaking a nail or, worse, damaging your expensive aligners.

All you'll need is a little patience and some basic tips for removing your aligners without breaking a sweat! Let’s have a look at a few quick tips for you:

Remove from the back: Instead of clawing and attempting to remove your aligners from the front, try removing them from the back. Pull the aligner away from your teeth by placing your aligner removal tool on the inside of your back molar. Repeat on the other side of your mouth, working your aligner remover towards the front of your mouth until your tray is completely removed. 

Don’t remove after a cold drink: Removing your aligner after a cold drink is more difficult than taking it out of a warm mouth. The plastic material becomes less flexible when exposed to a cooler temperature. As a result, it is more difficult to break its grip on your teeth. The most effective way is to remove your aligner when your mouth is at room temperature.

Always use an aligner remover: An aligner remover, which resembles a crochet hook, is a tool that helps to remove your clear aligners easily. All you have to do is use this aligner removal tool and place it at the end of your aligner, gently lift it away from your teeth, and detach it. Use an aligner retriever with caution to avoid gum or tooth injury, as well as aligner damage.

Do aligners come with a remover tool?

Yes, toothsi clear aligners come along with their very own aligner removal tool – aligner retriever. As you know, one of the best things about clear aligners is that you can remove them when you want to eat, and this is not as simple as it sounds. Getting your first set of aligner trays is exciting, but it's also important to know how to remove your clear aligners easily. All thanks to the best aligner removal tool - toothsi’s aligner retriever which protects your aligners from getting damaged while removing. 

To make the aligner removal process even easy, hygienic and convenient, it’s time to grab your aligner remover now

What are aligner retrievers made of?

We all want that celeb-like smile, isn't it? But nobody wants to go through the trauma of those metal braces. toothsi aligners are the new age trend of fixing all your orthodontic issues, from the comfort of your home. You get the best smile makeover, in the most comfortable and smoothest way. 

It’s advisable to wear them for at least twenty to twenty-two hours a day, for best results.

Now while eating, drinking and brushing, you've to remove them. And here's something for you, that will make it easier for you to remove your aligners. 

toothsi aligner retriever are aligner removal tool, that helps removing your aligners the smoothest way! You get a pair of aligner removal from toothsi. This handy tool has a specially-designed hook that helps remove your aligners with ease. 

This aligner removal tool is designed, keeping in mind your comfort. They are made of premium plastic material, which has no side-effects on your oral hygiene. Moreover, it protects your aligners from getting damaged while removing them. Get yourself a pair of aligner removal tool now!

How to use an aligner removal tool?

Invisible aligners work like magic in helping you get the smile you always desired. Just like some of us, they too work in shifts. Yeah, that’s right! Every few months you need to replace the old aligners with newer sets. Why? Each set has a different function and is designed differently to straighten the positioning of your teeth.

It may seem daunting to remove your aligners, but it’s much easier than you think especially if you take the help of clear aligner removal tools. Yep, there are tools that can aid you remove your aligners. Let’s have a look at them.

Elastic hook

Elastic hooks are great clear aligner removal tools! They are double-ended tools where there is a hook on one side and a V-shaped notch on the other end. The hook part can be used over the edge of the aligner to remove it from the teeth. Likewise, the V-shape notch can sit on a corner of the aligner and be used with a pushing motion to remove it from the teeth.

Outie tool

Recommended for both beginners and experienced patients, an outie tool is a double-sided instrument with a U-shaped hook on one side. Very similar to the elastic hook, this one can also be used over the edge of the aligners to pull them out easily. The opposite end has a flat surface which can easily rest against one corner of aligners and push them out.

Aligner retriever

Aligner retriever comes in pairs. Each of them has a specially designed hook that can help remove your aligners and retainers with a lot of ease. All you have to do is start from the back along your gum line on both sides. And then slowly work your way to the front and gently pull them off your teeth. Aligner retrievers are great clear aligner removal tools as they will protect your aligners from getting damaged as you remove them. In case you are wondering where you can get your hands on it, check it out on toothsi’s website. Yeah, it’s our in-house product that we are selling at an affordable price.

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