laser hair reduction

laser hair removal

Face & Bikini laser hair removal

unisex 2 hours per session

5000+ happy customers

Covers your FACE, BIKINI


FDA Approved up to 90% hair reduction
  • gets you the smooth skin you always wanted
  • expert dermatologist supervision
  • high quality, latest technology machines
  • painless ice cool technology
  • no cost EMI
  • covid safety measures


We use cutting-edge technology which is painless, doesn't compromise on quality and is absolute safe

  • We use the latest quadruple wavelength technology which is a combination of 4 laser wavelengths - 775+810+940+1064 nm
  • unlike traditional laser removals, our quadruple wavelength technology ensures even the finest of hairs are reduced and it works on all skin types!
  • effective for all types of skin colour
  • the laser also has an ice-cool technology that doesn’t let the skin to get heated.
how it works our dermatologists are available virtually to supervise the treatment.
  • 01

    our skinnsi pro shaves the area to be treated

  • 02

    the cooling gel is applied

  • 03

    the icy cool laser does its magic

  • 04

    soothing moisturiser is applied

Pre & Post-care instructions

  • avoid waxing, threading and bleaching at least 3 weeks prior to your session.
  • avoid hot water bath for 24 hours
  • apply a sunscreen on exposed parts every 3 hours between 9 am- 5 pm.
  • apply calamine lotion/ moisturizer 3-4 times a day in case you experience discomfort
please note
1. Laser Hair Reduction does not work on grey hair
2. This treatment cannot be used on:
  • tattoos or birth marks
  • cuts & wounds
  • any kind of boils or active infections
  • 3. There will be a minimum gap of 4 weeks in between the sessions

    frequently asked questions

    01. Is an at-home laser hair reduction treatment safe?

    Yes, getting the treatment at home is as safe as the clinic. You will experience the same dermatologist supervision and trained therapist treatment at home.

    02. What are the safety precautions taken by the therapist during the session?

    All our therapists will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as per WHO guidelines. They will sterilise the machines and equipment before using it.

    03. How permanent is laser hair removal?

    There will be up to 90% hair removal in an average of 6 sessions.

    04. Who can get laser hair removal done?

    Men and women above the age of 14 years can opt for laser hair removal. It’s safe for all skin types.

    05. Is there any downtime after the treatment?

    No, you can immediately resume your normal routine at the end of the session.

    06. What is the best way to remove full body hair?

    Even though shaving and waxing are the most common methods of body hair removal, laser hair removal is the most effective. The laser destroys the roots of hair follicles, preventing them from producing new hairs. Our cutting-edge laser technology is performed in the comfort of your home, with no downtime. No need to be concerned about the red bumps that appear on our body after each waxing session. Still in two minds if full body laser hair removal is the best method? With skinnsi's laser hair removal service, you can say goodbye to painful salon visits and hello to the smooth and silky hand you've always wanted.

    07. How long does full body laser hair removal usually take?

    Our full body laser hair removal session is safe, effective, and convenient. One session will take approximately 4 hours and with every session, you’ll notice a significant reduction in hair growth. There is also no downtime, so you can resume your daily routine immediately.

    08. How much does a full body laser hair reduction cost?

    Full body laser hair removal price is less than what you would spend on a traditional method for body hair removal each year! With a significant reduction in just 6-8 sessions, our full body laser hair removal will save you a lot of money in the long run. The full body hair removal laser cost at skinnsi starts at ₹ 26,500 for 3 sessions. You can also opt for a trial session for just ₹ 499!

    09. Is there any pre & post-care to consider for full body laser hair removal?


    Avoid waxing, plucking, tweezing, threading, bleaching, chemical epilation, micro-needling, etc. atleast 3 weeks before your full body laser hair removal session. Shaving is ok!


    Avoid hot water bath for 24 hours. Apply sunscreen on exposed parts of the skin every three hours between 9 AM - 5 PM. In case you experience discomfort or redness, apply moisturizer or calamine lotion 3-4 times daily.

    10. How many sessions can I expect for full body laser hair removal at skinnsi?

    We recommend a minimum of 6-8 sessions for the best full body laser hair removal results. Each session significantly reduces hair growth, and after 6-8 sessions, you achieve the desired and long-lasting results. Our ice-cold laser hair removal technology is suitable for all types of hair (fine, medium, and thick) and is carried out by trained professionals under dermatologist supervision.

    11. Is full body laser painful?

    During your full body laser hair removal, you may feel mild discomfort. Although much less than other methods of hair removal, particularly waxing. Our laser has ice-cool technology, which helps to reduce pain by keeping the skin cool during the procedure. There’ll be no razor burns or rashes that you would otherwise experience with other methods.

    12. What is full body laser hair removal?

    Full-body hair removal is becoming more and more popular among both men and women.

    When you choose a full body laser hair removal package, your dermatologist will conduct a thorough analysis, dividing the body areas to be treated into sections, and then decide the number of sessions needed for the treatment to reduce unwanted hair. Our package covers the back, bikini, chest, chin, face, hands, legs, stomach, underarms, and upper lips hair removal.

    13. How does full body laser hair removal work?

    Latest quadruple wavelength technology which involves passing a light beam through the skin layers and directly targeting the hair follicle.

    The laser light is converted to heat, which destroys the hair follicle, causing the hair to become weak and fall out. Full-body laser hair removal ice-cool technology keeps the skin cool during the procedure, which helps to reduce pain. The damaged hair follicle loses its ability to grow new hair for a longer period, which results in suppressing the hair growth. Thus, there will be no ingrowths as well. It’s time to say hello to silky smooth skin for the long term without any hassles.

    14. What causes growth in full body hair?

    During puberty, the body produces androgen hormones, causing most people to develop body hair between the ages of 10 and 12 for women and 11-14 for men. These hormones help to activate the apocrine sweat glands, which are mostly associated with hair follicles in the underarms and pubic area. Your body hair will change dramatically over time.

    Furthermore, for the majority of people, sensitivity to androgen levels can influence the hair growth on the body including the legs, arms, chest, and feet.

    Hirsutism is a condition that causes excessive hair growth on the body or face in women. It could also be due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or other issues in females

    15. Is laser hair reduction the best option for full body hair removal?

    Unwanted body hair can have an impact on how we feel, how we interact with others, what we wear, and what we do. We all want to get rid of them, so we usually go for not-so-permanent body hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, and epilating, which are also painful. However, laser hair removal is a viable option as it reduces up to 90% of body hair by targeting hair follicles and destroying the roots, preventing new hair growth. You’ll notice a significant reduction in body hair growth after every session. Still not sure what’s the best option for women as well as men’s body hair removal? Full body laser hair removal is a popular procedure that is both convenient and safe. So, if you’re not happy with traditional methods then laser for full body hair removal for males and females is an option worth considering.

    16. Why choose skinnsi for your full body laser hair treatment?

    Laser is equipped with quadruple wavelength technology which is a combination of 4 wavelengths, FDA approved, provides at-home laser hair removal service, pocket-friendly, minimal discomfort, dermat-backed customized solutions.