makeO scar reduction

what is skinnsi scar reduction?

Whether it's scars from acne, skin injury or surgery, you can now get rid of them!

Microneedling Radio Frequency is a simple laser process where radio waves are sent into the skin to increase collagen production for tighter, smooother skin. Don’t worry, it is safe and painless.

    What are the benefits?

    • - It reduces acne scars on your face
    • - It minimizes your enlarged pores
    • - It improves the appearance of your stretch marks
    • - It reduces the appearance of your wrinkles and fine lines
    • - It repairs your sun-damaged skin
    why choose skinnsi scar reduction?

    It's USFDA- approved, so it's extremely safe!

    Dermat trained & certified therapists

    It is minimally invasive

    It’s suitable for all skin types

    skinnsi packages

    no hidden extra cost. All prices inclusive of tax
    how does it work exactly?

    The affected areas are cleansed


    A numbing (anesthetic) cream is applied


    Laser shots are given on the chosen area


    Ice cubes are applied to treated area




    healthier, happier skin awaits you
    find your best solution!

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