Holi Care for Hair: 5 Tips to Protect your Locks This Festive Season

holi hair care

As the festival of colours draws closer, you should brace yourself for a fun and exciting time. Filled with delicious sweets, colourful clothes and happy faces, Holi is one of the most joyous occasions that is widely celebrated by kids and adults alike in the country.

But we have all gone home and looked at our hair, by then filled with chemical-filled powders, and unclean water and thought of ways to fix it. Many commonly sold Holi colours contain harmful chemicals that are not suitable for your skin and hair. They can rid your hair of its beautiful shine, destroy its smooth texture and make it very dry.

Wondering about how to protect hair from Holi colours? This Holi, save yourself from the harsh chemicals and proactively prevent your hair from being damaged by taking precautions using these 5 Holi hair care tips.

5 Holi Hair Care Tips to Protect Your Locks This Holi Season

1. Oil saves the day

One of the most popular and commonly used ways of preventing hair damage on Holi is by having oil massages. Make sure to regularly oil your hair, especially your scalp to improve hair quality, hair texture and shine. Oiling brings moisture back to hair and keeps it healthy and strong. Oil your hair before playing Holi to protect your hair from chemicals. Oil can form a layer of fibres through which chemicals cannot penetrate!

2. Don’t shampoo on Holi

We know how much everyone loves to look fresh on Holi morning, however, washing your hair on Holi or a day before the event can strip the scalp off its natural oils and leave it more vulnerable to damage through chemicals.

3. Tie your hair

Tying your hair may seem like an unattractive option when movies and songs about Holi have always seen women with open hair. But, tying your hair after oiling it not only makes it easy for you to play with colours, it also reduces exposure to the chemicals in Holi colours. So pinning up your hair in a bun is the best way to keep your hair damage-free.

4. Cover your hair

Scalp issues like dandruff, heat boils, hair loss, lice and more can make Holi seem like a scary festival. Want to know how to protect hair from Holi colours, especially the scalp? Cover it up with a bandana or a scarf! This way your hair stays protected against chemicals entirely and you can play with colours without worry.

5. Trim your split ends

Split ends are a sign of dry, damaged ends or undernourishment. These can only aggravate the assault of chemicals present in Holi colours. The best way to avoid further dryness and damage is to get a trim a week before the festival.

Post-Holi Care Tips to Protect Your Hair

  • Before going in with a shampoo, use cold clean water to rinse off the Holi colours in your hair.

  • Use a gentle shampoo with conditioning ingredients like essential oils to clear the scalp and get rid of any colour.

  • Then use a conditioner or a hair mask and keep it on for at least 7 minutes before rinsing.

  • Use a microfibre towel or a soft towel to wrap your wet hair.

  • Don’t rub or break any hair.

  • Once damp, use a serum or some oil to bring back the shine and life into your hair!

Skincare Tips for Holi

Since chemicals also damage our skin, you must practise these steps to avoid damage to your skin during the festival:

  • Oil your skin and use almond oil on your face to avoid coloured marks and damage

  • Use a strong and hydrating sunscreen to avoid tanning

  • Use a nourishing lip balm to keep your lips hydrated

  • Don’t forget dry areas like elbows, knees and more and keep them well-moisturised too.

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