all about pimples

Imagine waking up to a massive zit right where everyone can see it. Frustrating isn't it?

Pimples are like annoying relatives who visit regularly, or worse never leave. They are pesky little red bumps that evolve into pustules over time

how to identify pimples?

  • blackheads or whiteheads
  • red bumps
  • red bumps with pus on tips
what causes pimples?
bad skincare
Not following a good skincare routine can cause pimples.
high glycemic diet
Processed food and dairy products
Being under constant stress can lead to acne, or worse pimples
imbalanced hormones
Don’t blame it on puberty. Imbalance hormones cause pimples too
If your parents had pimples, you are likely to have it too!
greasy cosmetics
Some greasy makeup products can trigger pimples

our treatments

It’s the expertise that makes all the difference. Our customized treatments use clinically-proven ingredients & dermatologist-certified therapists. Tough on pimples, gentle on skin.



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