Eliminate Unwanted Hair: Know the Best Methods for Facial Hair Removal


Aug 9th

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With the advancement in the beauty industry, we have an enormous number of options for everything to choose from, be it hair colour, facial, nails, and what not!

When it comes to facial hair, waxing and threading look like the best way to remove facial hair. But there are umpteen ways you can remove facial hair. The skin on our face is extra sensitive, and settling for a specific facial hair removal method that brings pain and rashes is utterly unhealthy.

Mirror-mirror on the wall, which is the best way to remove facial hair from them all?

Let’s discuss the best facial hair removal method and you can choose whichever works best for your skin type.

Best Facial Hair Removal Method

1. Shaving

Shaving facial hair for women has come a long way. Earlier, shaving facial hair was not that normal, but now, with changing times and generations, it has become the new normal. With time and knowledge, shaving is getting normalized, and is even considered one of the best ways to remove facial hair.

shaving facial hair removal method.jpg

Pro Tip - Face razors are life savers! They are specially designed to shave facial hair. Unlike the usual razors, face razor blades are smaller in size for precision and less sharp to save the face from razor cuts.

Downsides -

i) Hair grows back fast since hair roots are still intact.

ii) It might cause cuts and rashes if not used properly.

2. Waxing

Waxing helps remove hair from the roots. Hence, the hair growth is slower. It is also considered the best way to remove facial hair, making the skin smooth and supple.

Pro tip - Get waxing on hair length of at least ¼ inches for best results. This length will help the wax to grab onto your facial hair properly and remove it from the root completely.

waxing facial hair removal method.jpg

Downsides -

i) Rashes may occur in people with sensitive skin.

ii)If you are under any skin treatment, waxing should be completely avoided.

3. Sugaring

Sugaring might be the next best way to remove facial hair.

A paste is created with lemon, water, and sugar. This paste is then heated well, so the consistency is thick (looks like wax), and all the ingredients are mixed. Once the sugaring pack is ready, it should be stored in a glass jar.

sugaring facial hair removal method.jpg

Sugaring can be considered the best way to remove facial hair for people who like playing with skincare at home!

Downsides -

i) Sugaring can cause side effects. A patch test of the mixture is recommended to avoid full-blown reactions.

ii) It’s a comparatively conventional way of how to remove hair from the face. Not a lot of salons offer this service at the moment.

4. Hair removal creams

Famous hair removal creams! Wouldn’t call it the best way to remove facial hair- but it is a way to remove it! Hair removal creams are easy to use. The pack comes with a cream that must be applied to the skin. After 10-15 minutes, use a towel to wipe the hair off or use the spatula that comes with the pack to remove the hair.

facial hair removal cream.jpg

Downsides -

i) Hair removal creams are infamous for skin reactions.

ii) Most hair removal creams have a pungent smell, which can cause irritation.

5. Tweezing

Tweezing is another best way to remove facial hair. It is handy and can be done anywhere. No prior appointment is needed.

While tweezing, the tweezer should be held as close to the root as possible to ensure the root is removed completely.

Tweezing facial hair removal method.jpg

Hygiene should also be maintained while using a tweezer; keeping the tweezer squeaky clean is crucial.

Downsides -

Tweezer should be used cautiously. If not, it can cause abnormal hair breakage.

6. Laser hair removal

Face laser hair removal doesn’t need hot wax, plucking your hair, or sugar-coating your face (literally).

In this process, hair roots are removed with the help of a laser.

laser facial hair removal.jpg

Laser hair removal methods are pain-free or cause less pain (depending on skin type and texture). Since the hair roots are numbed through laser, new hair doesn’t grow from the same roots.

And the best part? It lasts LONG! Face laser hair removal treatments are semi-permanent- which means it takes months for the hair to grow back. In some cases, hair never grows back!

Some people also call it the best way to remove facial hair.

Downsides -

It looks like it costs more than other methods but in the long run, it will help you save tons of money. Additionally, imagine no weekly or monthly visits to the salon!

There are various methods to choose from when it comes to the best way to remove facial hair.

Though the options are wide, only one lasts long - laser hair removal. It is worth an investment.

Customers have been consistently positive about the after-effects of the process. If you wish to save tons of money and say goodbye to facial hair, get in touch with skinnsi today.

We at skinnsi are motivated to provide you with top-notch services at the best prices.

With a team of dedicated professionals with decades of work experience to care for your skin care needs, laser hair reduction becomes even more convenient with skinnsi!

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