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Types of Braces: Removable vs Fixed Braces, Which is Right For You?


Here are the different types of braces that you can choose from:

1. Metal Braces

2. Ceramic Braces

3. Lingual Braces

4. Removable Braces

5. Clear Aligners

One way to decide is whether you want to go for fixed options or removable ones. Wait, what are they? Let’s see each type in detail.

1. Fixed Options

These are orthodontic devices that are fixed to the teeth throughout the treatment. You cannot take them off on your own. These include:

Metal braces: These have metal wire and brackets. Metal braces are the most common option, especially for kids, and are the most noticeable.

Ceramic braces: These have metal wires but tooth-coloured brackets, thus making them less noticeable.

Lingual braces: Lingual braces also include metal wires and brackets but are fixed on the inside of the teeth. This makes them completely invisible.

Does none of these options sound good to you? Well, then you can consider removable options.

2. Removable Options

These include removable braces and invisible aligners. As the name suggests, you can easily remove them on your own.

These options are ideal for teenagers and adults. In the case of children, fixed braces are better as they might lose removable braces easily. Moreover, they may end up damaging or breaking the removable braces while putting or removing them.

Secondly, removable options are effective for those with mild to moderate orthodontic problems. These are perfect to move the teeth horizontally in a left or right direction, but they are not as effective when it comes to rotating the teeth inward and outward.

Removable Braces

Removable braces are acrylic plates fitted with stainless steel wire. The movement of the teeth is achieved by the stainless-steel springs which are activated by the dentist every few weeks. The pressure put by the wire forces the teeth to move back to their correct positions. They can either pull or push the misaligned teeth with them.

Removable teeth braces can correct teeth problems like spacing, crooked or crowded teeth, and crossbite.

- Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are also removable but they are different from removable braces in one aspect – they are practically invisible.

Clear aligners for teeth are transparent trays that use gradual force to control tooth movement. They are customised to fit each individual’s mouth. A series of clear aligners are given to the patient where each aligner moves the teeth incrementally. The teeth will be in the correct position by the final set of aligners.

The aligners need to be worn for at least 20-22 hours each day to get the most effective results. Generally, their treatment time is shorter than traditional fixed braces.

Removable Braces vs Fixed Braces

Let's take a look at some of the differences between removable and fixed braces based on a variety of factors.



Removable Braces: Removable braces such as clear aligners cost anywhere between Rs 40,000- Rs 80,000

Fixed Braces: Cost of metal braces and ceramic braces can range anywhere between Rs 40,000 to Rs 1 Lakh


Removable Braces: Removable braces have a shorter duration of treatment

Fixed Braces: Traditional braces take longer with monthly clinic visits


Removable Braces: Removable braces are effective in teeth movement with minimal discomfort for minor dental issues

Fixed Braces: Fixed braces are apt for major dental issues

Ease of Use:-

Removable Braces: As the name suggests removable braces can be removed and there are no food restrictions or chances of food getting stuck in the teeth.

Fixed Braces: Fixed braces cannot be removed and have food restrictions as well. You cannot eat any hard food and if it gets stuck then you need interdental brushes to remove food particles to avoid plaque buildup.


Removable Braces: Removable braces like clear aligners are plastic trays that are lightweight and custom-made.

Fixed Braces: Metal braces are made of materials such as stainless steel, gold, chrome, and titanium. Ceramic braces are made of polycrystalline alumina.

Pain Level:-

Removable Braces: Clear aligners do not cause any pain other than the initial discomfort when you wear them for the first time

Fixed Braces: Fixed braces with brackets and archwires cause pain each month when they are fixed and tightened by the orthodontist.

MakeO toothsi Clear Aligners- Comfortable & Convenient Teeth Straightening

If you wish to go for clear aligners, makeO toothsi makes the process easy for you. Just take a free smile assessment and book a scan or impression kit. Our team of expert orthodontists will then make your customised smile plan. The treatment will be entirely done remotely (at home) and you won’t have to worry about clinic visits. You will get a straight smile in no time.

makeO toothsi clear aligners are a good option if you are looking for a pain-free teeth alignment procedure. These are plastic trays that you need to wear for at least 22 hours a day and you can easily take them off while consuming food. Hence, these clear aligners do not lead to any dental issues such as dental plaque as there are no chances of food getting stuck between any wires or brackets. It is easy to maintain good oral hygiene.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book a scan today!


Which is better: removable braces or fixed braces?

Depending on your dental issue you can either choose fixed braces or removable ones. However, removable braces like clear aligners are more convenient and cause minimal discomfort with no food restriction too!

Can I sleep with removable braces?

Yes. It is absolutely safe with removable braces on at night.

Can I eat with removable braces?

No. You can eat with removable braces on. You can take them off and eat like you usually do.

Are removable braces painful?

No. removable braces cause minimal discomfort when you wear them for the first time. However, as you get used to wearing these braces, you will feel no pain.

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