Celebrate Your Smile: Know All About Transparent Braces!


Dec 18th

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Orthodontic issues bothering you too much? Do you also hesitate while smiling because of crooked teeth or overcrowded teeth? Do traditional metal braces with metal wires make you reluctant towards correcting these issues? Did you know that delaying the process of correcting overcrowded and crooked teeth can add to various orthodontic problems such as bleeding of gums, plaque formation, cavities, etc.? Well, you can now bid a goodbye to traditional metal braces with transparent teeth braces. Yes! Transparent braces are far more convenient and comfortable to wear! Let us see what transparent braces are and find affordable, transparent braces for teeth price in India.


Know All About Transparent Braces and Celebrate Your Smile

This article has a few interesting things to tell you about transparent braces and why one should prefer them over traditional metal braces. So, let’s start!

What are transparent braces?

Just like our best friends who back us up when we need them, transparent braces are your invisible best friends when it comes to treating orthodontic issues such as overcrowded teeth, misaligned teeth, etc. They are plastic trays that help correct your teeth by gently and consistently pushing them.

How do transparent braces help correct your orthodontic issues?

Transparent braces are custom-made plastic trays that gently push your teeth in the correct position. Your orthodontist will take a 3D scan of your jaw and customise the transparent braces to work more efficiently.

**Advantages of Transparent Braces **

Transparent braces offer various advantages over traditional metal braces. Let us see some of the benefits.

**1. Transparent braces work faster **

Transparent braces, , work in a much conclusive way than traditional metal braces. While traditional metal braces work on each tooth individually, transparent braces work comprehensively, resulting in the work being done at a much faster pace.

2. Hardly visible to the naked eye

Transparent braces are almost invisible to the naked eye. As a result, it is the best choice for teens and adults who prefer keeping their orthodontic treatment low-key and discreet. With transparent braces, one will not feel underconfident or conscious.

**3. Comfort at its best **

Transparent braces provide the maximum comfort to the customer as compared to traditional braces. As compared to conventional traditional braces, metal braces, which come with metal wiring and brackets. This results in cuts in cheeks and jaw. On the other hand transparent braces are plastic trays with smooth and comfortable texture, thus, providing no discomfort and no pain.

4. Binge on your favourite food with no restrictions

Who said anything about giving up on your favourite food with transparent aligners?Traditional metal braces are fixed to your teeth, restricting you from eating food items that are hard to chew and sticky, such as popcorns and nuts. On the other hand, transparent braces are completely removable. As a result, you can eat your favourite food while watching your favourite show.

Transparent braces are convenient and comfortable when it comes to fixing your orthodontic issues. Furthermore, as they are almost transparent, you will not feel insecure while smiling socially or clicking pictures. With us, you can be free of worry when it comes to fixing orthodontic issues such as teeth overcrowding, misaligned teeth, etc. So, visit our website and book your online consultation at the comfort of your home with us today and leave everything on us!

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