7 Steps to get that ‘celeb smile’ you’ve always desired!


Feb 24th

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Ever wondered how your favorite celebs dazzle the red carpet (and win your heart) with their charming and confident smiles? Believe it or not, that infectious smile is not always the result of genes or luck as being the carefully crafted outcome of advanced orthodontic treatment.

For most of us, going the celebrity route for a smile transformation is way too expensive. Fortunately, with a healthy balance of dental hygiene and some easy-to-follow hacks, you can achieve that smile that’s worth being on a movie poster.

Here are seven ways to transform your teeth to get that beautiful celeb smile:

1. Pay Attention to Hygiene

The secret to a charming smile is paying attention to oral hygiene. Clean and healthy teeth can completely change your smile game - and we promise they will be good for your confidence too!

Try these basic but effective teeth maintenance tips for a beautiful celeb smile:

  1. For starters, follow the right brushing schedule. Do it twice a day, or after every heavy meal.
  2. Another way to take care of your teeth is flossing. A good floss can release small food particles lodged between the teeth that a brush cannot reach. Regular flossing, once a day, can keep your teeth clean and healthy. .
  3. Lastly, rinse with mouthwash. It's the finishing touch to your oral care routine that fights odour and also cleans your gums.

2. Try Invisible Retainers

Brushing your teeth twice a day will get you closer to that million-watt smile, but it won't cover up any gaps or align crooked teeth.

Crooked or uneven teeth can naturally make you self-conscious about your smile. While getting a set of braces can straighten your teeth, they're expensive, time-consuming, and quite uncomfortable - not to mention embarrassing to wear as an adult.

A simple solution to correcting the gaps in your teeth is getting invisible aligners. These flexible, transparent trays essentially work like removable braces for your teeth and give you straighter teeth without anyone noticing. The custom-fit aligners can get you that movie star smile without breaking the bank.

3. Teeth Whitening

Bright white teeth are the crowning jewel for every celebrity on the red carpet. If you want to be the spark at the next party, whitening your teeth can help you achieve that dazzling movie star smile.

Teeth whitening can look natural but only when it's done right. Every set of teeth is not the same colour or shade of white. So, using cheap products or overdoing the whitening process could make your smile too bright. Remember the disastrous effort by Ross from Friends!

Luckily, an expert can give your teeth the natural white colour, so you can flash that celeb smile without blinding anyone. Plus, you can always use reliable products like toothsi spark to remove stains on your teeth and whiten them.

4. Eat Healthy for Good, Strong Teeth

It's hard to believe that food affects how your smile looks, isn't it? Well, it's true! A nutritious diet can totally give you a celeb-worthy smile.

While there's no harm in eating the occasional doughnut or chocolate cake, consuming these sugary snacks too often could result in the discolouration or deterioration of your teeth.

Instead, you can make your teeth stronger with dietary sources of vitamin A such as carrots and broccoli. Snacking on flavourful foods like apples, strawberries, and cheese can bring a flawless shine to your teeth, whereas yoghurt can naturally whiten them.

5. Make Some Lifestyle Changes

Smoking or drinking regularly can make your teeth yellow. Smoking, in particular, is known to contribute to problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

You'd be doing yourself (and your teeth) a favour by quitting these habits entirely. Even keeping them in moderation will give you a brighter smile that you'd love to flaunt.

6. Think Before You Drink

A strong, aromatic cup of coffee or tea is the best way to re-energise yourself on a gloomy day. But sipping on these beverages too often can stain your teeth. Sugary drinks like sodas and juices can also increase bacteria in your mouth and weaken your enamel.

But hear us out - you don't need to quit your morning fix of coffee or orange juice for better-looking teeth! Some studies show that sipping these drinks through a straw and rinsing your mouth afterwards can reduce their adverse effects and make your smile paparazzi-ready.


Regular care, good dental habits and affordable teeth straightening solutions like toothsi's invisible aligners can vastly improve the state of your teeth, giving you that gorgeous celebrity smile.

Book a free consultation with our expert orthodontists and get ready to #smilekhulke today!

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