Refund Policy for Aligners

Due to the fact that Aligner Therapy is not an exact science, the smile makeover final outcome is based on several factors including but not limited to the customer’s biology, pre-and post-therapy care, and your compliance with and adherence to the instructions to be followed during and after the initiation and/or completion of the recommended therapy. Accordingly, it is clarified and explicitly agreed and confirmed by you that you shall not be eligible nor be entitled to claim for any refund including but not limited to the following cases: ● If you did not or have not complied with instructions/guidelines or failed to share all records and updates with the MakeO team and have not ensured complete tracking of the plan as advised in the guidelines ● If six weeks have elapsed after the conclusion of the Aligner therapy and you have had any therapy or procedure done at any clinic outside MakeO partner network. ● If in the middle of the Aligner therapy you have relocated to another city and if there is no MakeO partner clinic in the city where you relocate, therapy will only be given/available for you in/at the closest MakeO partner clinics and you will be liable to bear the costs/charges for external specialist on your own account and cannot claim or be entitled to claim the same from MakeO. ● Like any teeth alignment procedure which is dependent on various factors, alignment of teeth can still change after the smile makeover plan is completed, for which you shall not be eligible for a refund. ● If any aligner therapy or related procedure is availed/undertaken at any clinic outside MakeO partner network during the term/tenure of the smile makeover plan. **Management Rights** Subject to the above, you also agree and confirm that the management has the absolute right to review the eligibility of any refund request based on its own assessment of all facts, circumstances & customer-provided records and reserves full and complete right to approve or reject any claims of refund and also reserves its sole right to grant/approve a partial or full refund or none at all as shall be applicable in accordance to the facts and circumstances on a case-to-case basis. You further agree that disputes, if any, are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of UAE, where the company has its registered office. **Cancellation Charges** You understand, agree and confirm that in case of any cancellation on your part, owing to dissatisfaction regarding the services/quality etc, only the applicable payment gateway charges shall be deducted from the total amount paid. Furthermore, any payment received from you that is in addition to the charges of the smile makeover plan for Consultations x-rays, scans, diagnosis etc are not eligible for refund and will be subject/liable to be deducted in addition to the administrative charges from any eligible refund. **Mode of Refund & Timeline** The refund amount shall be credited to the predesignated bank account within a period of 15 to 30 business days from the date of the approval of the refund granted. Alternatively, you may be eligible for availing a credit note/voucher of the amount to be used in any other therapy or service with our partner concerns. **Contact** For any refund requests please address an email at or call us at +971 45260295